14 to 25 degrees, the big temperature difference at work

“If an employee finds a deficiency, they can speak to the staff council or the labor inspectorate,” specifies Thierry Meillat, a labor lawyer. stock.adobe.com

CREDENTIALS – Between reluctance and heat exhaustion, some workers are subject to the decisions of their employers. Le figaro collected their feelings and their adaptation solutions.

Energy sobriety is also in demand in companies. In view of the presentation of the government plan on Thursday, Medef and the social partners have communicated their measures. Among them, “regulate (the) temperatures in the workplace“. The text remindsthe usefulness of optimizing heating temperatures to 19 degrees“, a temperature that is not necessarily maintained in companies. So how much does it make at your jobs? Between 14 and 25 degrees according to employees interviewed Le figaro, Many of them regret this situation.

I could hardly concentrate in this cold.“ says Edgar*, 29 years old. This project manager consultant has noticed a temperature of around 15 to 16 degrees in his office for the past week. Despite having three layers of clothing on his back, he realizes that “The situation was complicated and painful“. On Monday his company turned on the heating to 18 degrees. “It’s bearable, but since I’m quite cold, I keep a jacket or fleece“, he explains. It is impossible to raise the thermostat, it is a collective system whose temperature is decided directly by its superiors.

Same observation for Lucas*, 26, Bourges Plus Municipality Administrator. “My office fluctuates between 16 and 18 degrees, I have to keep my coat on‘ he laments. He adds that “This temperature is too low to work behind a desk» and being «Hands are cold to type on the keyboard“. Therefore, to avoid the shaking, the best solution is “wearing a singlet, fleece jacket, jacket and drinking a hot beverage“. On the business side there is no debate, the heatingis lit as late as possible to save money», so not before the end of October.

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More than 25 degrees outdoors

Given this situation, Lucas currently recognizes “Research to see if he can perform [son] right of withdrawal“.”If the temperature drops below 15 degrees I will inform the unions to find out what to dohe offers. An approach endorsed by Thierry Meillat, Labor Lawyer: “If an employee discovers a deficiency, he can speak to the staff representative or the labor inspectorate.» «If your company has a social and economic committee, it is involved in all health and safety regulations», and can therefore intervene.

If the cold directly affects work, then other companies do not hesitate to overheat their premises. Victoire*, 23, recorded a temperature of 25.3 degrees in her open space on Monday. According to her, “22 degrees would be good“But dropping to 19 degrees is out of the question. “I don’t want to live in a cooler“, She laughs. The young woman realizes that the warming in her team with the formation of two clans is causing a lot of debate: the pro-19 degrees and those who are against. “One of my colleagues simply uses the electric heater while another wants to open the windows opposite Covid-19it’s fun for everyoneobserves Victoire.

This topic sometimes leads to funny situations, as in Raphaël’s company, which decided to limit the heating to 20 degrees, compared to 23 in previous years. In one of his tweets he tells a current anecdote:One of my employees seriously asked if we could provide electric blankets to prevent everyone from getting sick.“The clichés about the thermometer in the office are multiplying on social networks. “Heating has become a real social issue, it is now at the center of all discussions between colleaguescloses Victoire.

*Names have been changed.

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