A French Riviera scientist who denounced chloroquine “tricks” targeted by a complaint by Didier Raoult

According to an article signed by Ukrainian-German science journalist Leonid Schneider and published on his own blog, azure Alexander Samuel finds himself in Didier Raoult’s crosshairs. Qualified as a “druid” and “chloroquine guru”, the former director of the IHU in Marseille, now the target of legal information and scathing reports, attacks in defamation this doctor of biology, who presents himself as a whistleblower.

Actually filed in June 2021 but revealed on Monday by Beautiful morningthe complaint concerns this 37-year-old former “yellow vest”, but also the original author of the text, confirms this 20 minutes I, Brice Grazzini, Didier Raoult’s lawyer.

One of the first to question Didier Raoult’s studies on hydroxychloroquine

Science teacher at a high school in Grasse with an explosive appearance, Alexander Samuel, long hair and beard, was one of the first to question Didier Raoult’s words about the use of hydroxychloroquine in the fight against Covid-19. He denounced certain “tricks” on Twitter from March 23, 2020 in the first study published by the Marseille microbiologist. And he’s been working ever since to “debunk” certain allegations that the ex-head of IHU defended, particularly in his videos.

In the article that is the subject of the complaint, shared on his website in March 2021, Alexander Samuel translates the statements made by Leonid Schneider, who denounced Didier Raoult’s “false data, financial fraud and illegal clinical trials”.

Three defamation charges

“If he provides evidence of what he says, he cannot be convicted,” Me Brice Grazzini responded Beautiful morning. “I promised to make comments, but I’m dependent on publications,” assures the doctor of biology, who was also interviewed by the regional daily newspaper. According to him, “the goal” of the complaint is “to silence people.” What Didier Raoult’s lawyer refutes: “It’s not a gag process,” he said.

On September 9, the Marseille criminal court considered another complaint by the Marseille infectious disease specialist against his Paris counterpart Karine Lacombe, whose advice is due to be returned on November 22. In addition to this lawsuit and that against Alexander Samuel and Leonid Schneider, a third one was brought by Didier Raoult for defamation. It is Jean-Paul Stahl, a doctor from Grenoble, who also accused him of having “falsified” his study and telling “nonsense”.

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