A gaming afternoon

On the occasion of this afternoon organized in Saint-Germain-des-Bois by the association Les Lapinos, which brings together childminders from Levet, visitors, mainly families, could try for free about fifteen original wooden games made available by the Levètoise Association Animationtoutazimut , but also more modern games played with computers or game consoles.

Wooden games and modern games

The wooden games were about billiards, dice, strategy, skill, marbles or thinking. Games from different French regions and even from abroad with resounding names such as Japanese billiards, bungee double-shot billiards, aerobille, sliding tables, hanging balls or even the game with sticks.

The latter would have been practiced in Europe since the XVI e century and even earlier. Known as Nim’s Game, a name given to the English mathematician Charles-Léonard Bouton in 1901, who came up with an algorithm that made it possible to win every time. This game became famous thanks to one of the events of the game show Fort Boyard.

Some games date back several centuries, even to ancient times. For their part, Kerian Robert and Mathieu David of La Ligue de l’enseignement du Cher brought more modern games, including video games that can be used by young people aged 8 to 17 from A to Z in computer workshops in schools or institutions such as the Espace de vie sociale de Levet.

“These are simple games that only use keyboard and mouse. Young people can invent their own game with the scratch software. It’s an introduction to programming that uses logic, mathematics, but also imagination and graphic design,” explains Keryan Robert.

The other games, which are aimed more at “geeks”, were more developed and used complex tools such as joysticks or a virtual reality mask.

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