According to Crystal Dynamics, the development of the game is progressing well

Announced during the Game Awards 2020, the next Perfect Dark would give Microsoft a few headaches. This is indeed what our colleagues at Video Games Chronicle hinted at last March, notably stating that The Initiative faced a massive exodus of its developers, some of whom held key positions. A news that didn’t really surprise observers since Dan Neuburger (director) and Drew Murray (lead designer) had already decided to abandon ship.

The reason for these sudden departures? This is how Perfect Dark was developed. According to the dropouts interviewed, not only did they have almost no autonomy, but they felt they were navigating on sight, not to mention the high turnover The Initiative faced. At one point only about fifty developers were working on the game, which is obviously unthinkable for a project of this magnitude. That’s why Microsoft decided to shut down Crystal Dynamics last September, and the fact that The Initiative hired just a few people — just a dozen in a year — illustrates the weight the American studio put on Perfect Dark’s development Has.

If we remind you of those elements, it’s simply because Phil Rodgers pointed them out during a recent conference call with Embracer’s investors (who bought Crystal Dynamics this summer, as well as a portion of Square Enix’s western studios) ahead of the next Joanna Dark’s adventures are nothing to worry about. “We are working on the iconic Perfect Dark license and the project is progressing extremely wellsaid the one who is the boss of both Crystal Dynamics and Eidos. It was particularly promising to see him jump at the chance to work in a new way. As we think about how we will organize in the future, this kind of collaboration with different studios, different time zones, different regions and different companies will become commonplace. So it’s good to see how The Initiative and our teams at Crystal Dynamics work this way.

As Video Game Chronicles reminds us, these words from Phil Rodgers echo those of Xbox studio head Matt Booty, who at PAX West recalled that the days were gone when a single studio could work on a game AAA Ambitions worked. And it’s certainly not Rockstar Games who will claim otherwise, since that’s exactly the way Red Dead Redemption 2 works. For the record, Perfect Dark is planned for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. No release date was given.

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