Adelina and Benjamin confide in their romantic relationship that began on the set of Best Pastry Chef

Adelina and Benjamin, contestants for season 11 of the Best pastry chefShe hesitated for a long time before formalizing their relationship in the media. However, the lovers have finally decided to live their story out in broad daylight.

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Nobody expected that two candidates from the Best pastry chef fall in love and yet Adeline and Benjamin have become inseparable. In the episode aired this Wednesday, November 16, Manon kept her blue apron while Sébastien definitely left the adventure. Luckily for Couple of the Season, both are still present in the competition. Indeed, in the Belgian magazine Cine TV Reviewthey have formalized their story”started under the tent“.

No love at first sight for Adelina: “I thought he was kinda cute, but that’s about it.

Neither one nor the other thought of finding love through participation in love Best pastry chefespecially since they didn’t necessarily fall in love with each other: I thought he was kinda cute, but that’s about it., says the young Belgian. However, as the days went by, they became closer until feelings were born during the fifth show: I had finished the last exam in tears and Benjamin came immediately to comfort me. We had never taken the time to talk to each other. The connection was established at that time. But it wasn’t until the Halloween episode was filmed that they got together afterwards “a bowling trip with the other pastry chefs.”

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The production was aware of their romance

Difficult for her to hide her story, since the other contestants of the adventure were quick to ask themselves questions: They wanted to know if we had kissed… We waited a week to let everyone knowadds Adelina before specifying that Marie Portolano, Cyril Lignac and Mercotte, also aware, found her “too sweet“. So in love, Benjamin left his southwest to settle in the north of France: “We saw each other several times over the summer before we moved in together. We’ve been living under the same roof for two months now.“. Leaving her region was out of the question for Adelina: “I have my 4 year old son Adem with whom I have a very close relationship. And I didn’t want to take her away from her father“, says the manager of a clothing store. A real stroke of fate for those who “fished out in extremis” to enter the competition and for the one who should have entered season 10.

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