after attacking a supply convoy, Djibo was more than ever suffocated under blockade

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After another coup in Burkina Faso, peace has returned to Ouagadougou. But the security and humanitarian situation remains equally worrying, particularly in Djibo in Soum province. The city in the north of the country has been under a jihadist blockade for seven months, and famine is likely to set in there. The supply convoy targeted on September 26 was aimed precisely at this city of 300,000 inhabitants. An attack that triggered the putsch on Friday.

In the capital of Burkina Faso, craftsmen are replacing the headlights and windshield of a battered truck the jihadi attack on Gaskindé on September 26 Finally, the President of the Union of Road Drivers of the Sahel, Abdoul Aziz Zoungrana, shows the damage to the vehicles returning to the capital. ” Those are the bullet holes. This resulted in the engine shutting down. ‘ he reports at the microphone of our special correspondent in Ouagadougou, Sidy Yansanethe driver could meet who had survived the massacre.

We too are at war »

In its latest report, the Armed Forces General Staff states that ten civilians have been killed and three are missing. Figures that do not satisfy the hauliers, who count around thirty of their missing out of a total of 207 drivers who were part of the convoy.

This survivor fled the massacre to walk 30 kilometers to the village of Bourzanga. ” The military plane conducting the reconnaissance turned around at the former Gaskindé military camp. Shortly thereafter we heard the shots and the rockets. I saw dead and wounded, it was the rescue that can “, he says.

UCRB union president Abdoul Aziz Zoungrana regrets that the authorities do not involve transport companies in the fight against jihad. ” We too are at war. We’re in the same fight. We suffer everything he is outraged. We are checked in the rooms, threatened, but we go back there again. There was the attack in Naré, in Taparko, in Déou, in Seytenga. Even after the attacks, we keep moving away because we too have taken an oath to serve the Sahel. »

Out of solidarity, the union headquarters will celebrate a day of mourning this Thursday through Friday after prayer.

A first air supply for the residents of Djibo

Meanwhile, the 300,000 residents of the capital of Soum province in northern Burkina still live under the blockade of armed men. For months they have been without everything: food, fuel and medicine. And even if supply convoys escorted by soldiers had been on duty for several months, this did not prevent them from attacking the last one.

Wednesday, A first air supply was organized by the army. For Amadou Tamboura of the Consultation Framework of Civil Society Organizations in Soum, this will alleviate the suffering of residents, but it will not be enough. “ The population was left with almost nothing. The population had eaten all the food they had, because it is worth remembering that the convoy that passed through Djibo to supply the city was attacked on the eve of the coup. So there was nothing in town. There was no agricultural campaign around Djibo. People can’t even get out of Djibo, not even ten meters. The city has suffocated. Eight children died the day before yesterday. And before that, others died too. Some families even made the decision to leave despite the risks, he says.

In order for this supply to be useful for something, it is necessary to go beyond ithe continues. The population is demanding an airlift because it is unacceptable, inadmissible, that today, in the 21st century, anyone can die of hunger. That’s all people ask for today. Even if it’s just one meal a day. »

Location of Djibo, Burkina Faso. © RFI

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