Airbnb is realigning itself after “creating too many things at once,” announces its boss

Brian Chesky said he wants the platform to specialize in home rentals and host guarantees.

I was trying to create too many things at once‘ the Airbnb boss told AFP, who wants to refocus the platform on its core business of apartment rentals and host guarantees, while postponing potential diversification. “We’re going into a recession if we’re not already there.said Brian Chesky, referring to rising house prices and a slowing global economy.

Help people make money“by renting all or part of their accommodation,”because we know that rent or mortgage is a major cost factor for many‘ he elaborated. To encourage individuals to get started, Airbnb on Wednesday unveiled a new device that offers beginners the ability to start from a “superhostwho can give advice and suggestions against payment by the company. In another novelty designed to reassure future hosts, the platform is now offering to verify the identity of all travelers booking on Airbnb in the 35 most active countries and plans to roll it out to all of its markets next spring.

The group has also increased the damage covered by its AirCover insurance from $1 million to $3 million and put in place a system to identify reservations that could lead to partying, the platform’s favorite nuisance. For example, Airbnb will be alerted to a next-day reservation by young people in the city they live in, whom they can block to prevent a possible party. “We have to be approachable“On the tariff plan, Brian Chesky also insisted on allowing consumers to travel despite a worsening economic situation. In early November, the San Francisco-based group announced the launch of an option that would allow a host to view the total price of the rental, including all expenses. Airbnb will also offer hosts tools to better calibrate their prices and enable discounts in early 2023.

Rental properties in focus

Shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the company to lay off a quarter of its workforce in 2020, Airbnb had to reassess its priorities. “We had to return to our main activity‘ said the boss and co-founder of this platform, whose name has meanwhile become part of everyday language. In the long term, however, Brian Chesky sees Airbnb diversifying. In five or ten yearsI hope we will do a lot more than accommodate travellershe says. In particular, the entrepreneur intends to relaunch the “experiences», those activities offered to travelers at their place of stay in addition to their accommodation.

I think it can be big business” enthuses the leader, “but it will take longer than i thought. (…) The pandemic has completely changed our course and we have changed our priorities.It also turns out he says: “that it is more difficult to match supply and demand” for this “experiences» than when living. The 40-year-old, who is originally from upstate New York, is also thinking about rental property as a whole. About 20% of the nights booked on the platform are for stays longer than a month, he recalls. “We might allow rental contracts to be entered into on the platform, or the contract (rent in Airbnb’s current format) could be worth a rental contractintroduces Brian Chesky.

The one-year lease (the most common term in the US) is a weird thing that won’t be necessary in the future‘ says the leader. “We will continue to add new user and host protectionsto provide both parties with security comparable to a traditional rental agreement. “I think it’s inevitable that we’re going to go in that direction‘ explains Brian Chesky.

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