Algeria imposes new conditions

Algeria has established new rules for the construction and import of new vehicles, contained in two specific specifications for each activity, published in the Official Journal this Thursday, November 17th.

As requested by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, during the Council of Ministers meeting last Sunday, the specifications for the activity of car dealers in Algeria were published this Thursday, November 17th.

Article 4 prohibits multi-brand dealers and specifies this “The exercise of the activity of dealer of new vehicles presupposes the conclusion of a dealership contract, which binds the dealer to a single licensing manufacturer”.

Among the required documents in the file of an application “prior approval”who “does not constitute authorization to actually exercise the activity”is the presentation of a “Exclusive distribution agreement or letter of intent between the granting manufacturer and the applicant for the exercise of the activity of dealer of new vehicles with a minimum duration of five years. »

Algeria does not allow the import of diesel vehicles

A permit is mandatory to carry out the activity of the car dealership. This document is issued by the Ministry of Industry upon submission of a dossier.

“Only those equipped with or predisposed to petrol, electric, hydrogen, hybrid engines: petrol/electric, petrol/hydrogen or LPG/CNG are permitted for importation by dealers of new vehicles in the passenger car category whose gas emissions comply with applicable laws and regulations”, specifies Article 29 of the Specifications.

For the selling price of the vehicle, the specifications prohibit an increase after the order has been delivered to the customer. “The sale price appearing on the order form for the new vehicle must be fixed, non-revisable and non-updatable.”

The delivery time for the new vehicle ordered is set at 45 days from the order date. “However, this period may be extended by mutual agreement of the two parties on the basis of a written document”, mais in case of payment of the “Full price of the vehicle, the authorized dealer is obliged to deliver the new vehicle within seven days at the latest”.

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