ArcheAge 2 – XL Games presents ArcheAge 2: open world and dynamic combat

XL Games Studio uses G-Star 2022 to present ArcheAge 2, an MMORPG that immerses players in a massive open world based on aimless action gameplay and will be released in 2024 for PC and consoles.

In South Korea the studio XL games Take advantage of the start of G Star 2022 (one of the most important local video game fairs) to start sketching their MMORPG ArcheAge 2 – for the record, the game was officially announced during the G Star 2020 The worldwide release is planned for 2024. The developer provides a first snippet of gameplay video, followed by a Q&A with Jake Song, XL Games boss and main craftsman of the series ArcheAge.

The same Jake song is present on the stand cocoa games as part of G-Star 2022 to answer questions from visitors.

An open world

ArcheAge 2 therefore presents itself as the heir of the first ArcheAge (released in 2013), but with the ambition to correct its shortcomings and improve the title on a technical level. Developed with Unreal Engine 5, ArcheAge 2 must immerse players in a massive open world without a loading screen – in an exchange with the Korean press, Jake Song states that ArcheAge 2’s universe should be twice the size of the first ArcheAge, including land and sea areas, but also more dense so players can find more activities there.

In particular, the developer mentions numerous quests and if in the first ArcheAge the progression was linear, in the next it is said to be more free: players can discover the history of the game universe in the order they want. This world must allow players to experience a “personal adventure” (articulated around their character) and immersively.

Housing and player cities

As in the first opus, players will be encouraged to colonize this world, specifically through a housing system: players will be able to build and customize their own home in the game universe and, according to the developer, these constructions can be ” united”. to allow guilds to build cities. Still in line with the first work, ArcheAge 2 also promises a farming system as well as a trading system entrusted to the players – and the second work must improve this commercial approach in order to make it more concrete (in particular via trade caravans, carried out by player groups).

Non-targeted action combat

Finally, we also note that the gameplay of ArcheAge 2 aims to be faster and more dynamic than in the first part, based on action combat without objectives. According to Jake Song, this non-targeted combat (inspired by single-player action RPGs) presents a technical challenge in an MMORPG setting, but the developer seems confident of mastering it. So if we knew that the game was going to be distributed on PC, we realize that ArcheAge 2 will also be available on console. Which no doubt grasps the type of gameplay to be expected.

For the record, ArcheAge 2 is basically expected in 2024 and the MMORPG has to be distributed worldwide (by operator Kakao Games).

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