Artist or developer, professions for all profiles

These two perfectly illustrate the variety of profiles and skills at play in this growing sector. Player #1: Louis Schnellbach, 31, developer. Special power: to translate into lines of code the secret laws that animate the playful universe. Player number 2: Amélie Bernardi, 35, graphic designer and illustrator. Special Ability: Add substance to characters and sets, giving them their own visual identity thanks to their artistic vision.

“For me, a programmer is a bit like the pot in which we put the artistic ingredients”

Originally from the Basque Country, Louis fell into the cauldron of video games at a very young age. “I’ve been making games for my brothers and sisters with RPGMaker since I was 12.” The path is clear: bac S, DUT and above all the National School of Games and Interactive Digital Media in Angoulême. Here he is with developer training and a foothold at giant Ubisoft. There he works on blockbusters like “Just Dance”, “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” or “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”. First in Paris, then in Quebec; at the beginning on the network part and finally on the motor part.

After the birth of his first child, Louis returned to France and founded his company Tokiko in Bordeaux. In particular, he works on the project “Pharaoh: New Era”, a remake of a 1999 game of the “City Builder” type. . And the engine, like a car, is a critical element, but users shouldn’t worry about it. The secret dream of this demiurge of the invisible world: to create a game based on Basque mythology.

“Every detail is well thought out”

Amélie, she came “through the small door into the big world” of the tenth art. Attracted to graphic design, she trained at the Estienne school in Paris. BTS “Print Image”, Bachelor, Master… “After that I worked in a communications agency. »

She also made a detour to Canada. Her partner works there… as a developer in a games studio Back in France, Amélie is practicing her talents for tableware and interior decoration. The Covid makes the couple take the plunge. “Why don’t we combine our skills and create video games? Her first attempt: “Wild Child” with its naive look.

He likes the experience: “I create my kitchen. Every detail is taken into account: the rhythm of the landscape, the light… All the difficulty is keeping together the artistic vision and the playability. »

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