At the age of 100, the oldest practicing doctor in the world tells his everyday life on TikTok

TIKTOK – With a career spanning 75 years, Dr. Howard Tucker set the world record for oldest practicing physician as you can see in the video at the top of the article. And although he’s 100 years old, the neurologist from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, doesn’t want to give up his lab coat. On his TikTok account @whatsnextmovie, where his grandson helps him, he tells anecdotes and his everyday life, which brought him a little notoriety on social networks.

In his content, which has accumulated up to 7 million views, the doctor faces challenges such as a “Put Your Finger Down” focused on his job. With humor he also challenges the playlists of the 80s and 90s. “I still have a lot to learn on TikTok, but I’m impressed with the interest people have in my story.” he particularly entrusted insider via the social network. In case he doesn’t understand his success on TikTok yet, the “to the Granfluence” to 66,000 subscribers, the magazine explains that he hopes “to inspire its young subscribers to find a job they’ll still love to do when they’re 100”.

“A Guinness Record”

From his life we ​​learn in particular that he was born in July 1922, experienced the global economic crisis and the Second World War, has been practicing medicine since 1947, and is married to an 89-year-old psychiatrist. , also still active, and that at age 67 he passed the Ohio bar exam while continuing his practice.

In 2021 it was also dedicated to the book Guinness World Records for his professional longevity. And today he still teaches medicine in Cleveland.

Howard Tucker owes his presence on the social network to his grandson and a friend of the latter, we learn further insider. Together they decided to make a film called What’s next to the life of the neurologist “Stay tuned” his story. And while you wait for the release, you can get a glimpse of their future production on social networks.

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