Attacked in broad daylight!

Worse could not have happened to him at a worse time. Just seven months after Jean-Pierre’s death, while Nathalie Pernaut is still in full mourning and the void left by her husband seems difficult to bridge, she was the victim of a violent attack.

It will no doubt leave significant psychological scars, as the suddenness of the attack has left Nathalie devastated. Through her character and the words she uttered, she also tarnished the memory of the King of JT. The curtain has fallen. After the many tributes paid to his disappearance, an old grudge suddenly flared up again. It all started from there and led to an irreparable act.

JPP’s widow will probably never forgive him for the suffering he caused. Verbal attacks are sometimes harder to overcome than physical attacks, and the attack on Nathalie Pernaut was devastating because it came from a man who was close to her husband: Jacques Legros.

A very sudden attack

He and Jean-Pierre were together for almost twenty-five years. It was believed that friendly bonds had been formed over the years. It was nothing. In his book Behind the screen, 40 years at the heart of the media, published by Editions du Rocher, the journalist coolly decides about his deceased colleague: “We were not friends. “He goes even further and hits hard on whoever he has replaced since 1998: “To have been his wildcard for twenty-four years without editorial conflict makes me proud. But I know he was itching to comment on my diary.

He never spoke to me directly,” he says in sentences full of allusions. “He wanted to keep the leadership role and promoted the team more than necessary,” says Jacques Legros again. He wanted more and more control over the entire newspaper. I started to seethe inside until one day I blurted out, gathered my stuff and headed back to the parking lot and my car. Since he wanted to do the newspaper for me, let him come and do it! When Nathalie discovered these words, she was outraged. Wanting to respond to this posthumous attack on behalf of her love, she decided to set things right on the show The morning without a filter on Virgin Radio: “I was completely hallucinating and most importantly, Mr Jacques Legros forgets that he was just his joker.

She wanted to react boldly

(…) Who has set the tone for 1 p.m. for more than thirty years and to whom are the audience scores attributed? Wounded, she continues, revealing that the Joker had no qualms about giving the king of the JT ‘slut hits’: ‘During confinement, Jean-Pierre had to be on the air for fifteen minutes. And each time Jacques Legros worked on longer and longer topics. In the end he only had six minutes on the air! »

Disgusted, disappointed and saddened by this violent attack on her late husband, Nathalie notes the inelegance of the procedure, what she thinks it hides and the impact it has: “It looks like jealousy after death. What a lack of respect for our grieving family! I really ask myself the question: why this unpacking? To sell this book? Luckily JP is gone. And frankly, it’s better because we would have gotten a shock. While they weren’t friends, JP respected him greatly as a colleague and often defended him with TF1. She therefore concludes from this unpacking that the journalist knowingly wanted to cause a stir by brandishing snappy information about the French people’s favorite presenter ‘so that his book would sell’.

Undoubtedly significant psychological consequences

Unfortunately, in fact, a common advertising technique is to “reveal” a private or surprising fact in order to secure a good audience for a book, movie, or show. In the light of Jacques Legros’ book, we then hear his homage during the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, finally realizing that he had only conjured up their “same vision of France”, but at no point had the prankster spoken of friendship. And some in the corridors of TF1 admit that they are not surprised by this attack and do not hesitate to suggest that for twenty-four years Jacques Legros had hoped to one day be able to sit in his colleague’s chair…


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