Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Back to Basics for EA’s Save FPS?

Gaming News Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Back to Basics for EA’s Save FPS?

It’s no secret: Battlefield 2042 had a very complicated launch, marred by bugs and design decisions that weren’t consistent. But would the tide change for Dice Studio and Electronic Arts? We need to see more of Season 3 of the action game!

Soldier still in the field

Unfortunately, while it heralded “the new generation of FPS” when it released a year ago, Battlefield 2042 isn’t there yet… The action software duo Dice | Electronic Arts was unable to federate players due to a whole host of issues we mentioned earlier! Truth be told, the audience for Battlefield 1, which is still six years old, recently crushed that of the futuristic component on PC (at a huge discount via Steam). But 2042 clearly did not didn’t say his last word. After two more or less shy seasons, the FPS will no doubt find the hair of the beast during Season 3 – scheduled for November 22nd. It’s not our little finger telling us that, but directly the Dice studio during a meeting reserved for the press.

Big changes coming soon

First, an important reminder. Battlefield 2042 will soon join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Access along with the launch of Season 3. Dice is also planning temporary and free access on all platforms – December 1st-4th on Xbox, December 1st-5th on Steam, December 16th-23rd PlayStation… All in all, Dice and Electronic Arts could do with the upcoming new features start a new frenzy around the FPS! “This year we’ve worked tirelessly to listen to community feedback,” said Kit Eklof, Producer of Multiplayer Maps. “The first two seasons (from 2042, editor’s note) have brought us closer to this claim.”

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 has arrived six months after the game’s release

Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Back to Basics for EA's Save FPS?Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Back to Basics for EA's Save FPS?

In response to player requests, Dice will change many things in Season 3. The most important change is undoubtedly that of the Specialists, the playable heroes of Battlefield 2042. In the coming months, bye bye the 100% customizable system, hello le back to normal classes of the series, namely Assault, Scout, Support, Engineer. Each class now has the right to own equipment | Gadget,” explains Ali Kaporchali, another producer on the project. Weapon Mastery will also be available by class. The man bluntly sums up his vision: This revival will be “the beginning of the evolution of the class system.”

Not insignificant innovations

As I’m sure you understood, the idea here is “we’ll take the same ones and start over” – with a desire to get closer to a classic Battlefield experience and to hear player feedback. In this way, Dice will once again improve on cards introduced in the past, such as Renewable and Orbital. After Season 3 launches, Manifest and Breakaway will be the subject of a major update. Specifically: points to be recorded are moved; some front lines, modified; Main locations, completely changed location! The idea is to gravitate towards a more intense and fluid but also less frustrating action on both maps.

Before/After for the Orbital map during Season 2 of Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Back to Basics for EA's Save FPS?Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Back to Basics for EA's Save FPS?

Also, while we’re talking about maps, there’s a bit of news on November 22nd: Spirhead – in the middle of Swedish nature with two big industrial complexes. The set should offer successful confrontations, with a terrain of rocks, natural covers. It is not finished. As good news never comes alone, Season 3 of 2042 also promises new weapons, a new tank with two movement modes (the EMKV90 gate) and, most importantly, one brand new specialist ! His name is Zain, and he’ll be able to regain life right after a kill and use his “Airbust Launcher” to track down baddies comfortably hiding behind cover. “A prime candidate for attack,” summarizes Dice. With season 3, the studio wants to sprint directly to success.

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