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Christmas jumpers are making a comeback at Lidl! You have the choice between 6 models for less than 12 euros!

Christmas sweaters are back at Lidl! As every year, the German brand lets us dream with hot models at mini prices. Discover the new collection for quick shopping.

Lidl: The return of the Christmas jumpers

Winter is approaching with big steps! And if you still had doubts, just look in the shop windows of some stores to understand that this is indeed the case. Indeed, some brands are already preparing for the arrival of the winter season. And we feel it!

At Lidl, the shelves are filling up to pass a stack of products warm winter. From stoves to radiators, plaids and warm clothing… this year the German brand is your best ally to prepare for the winter season like a pro!

As every year, the Lidl brand gets festive with a selection of sweaters. A variety of models for every taste!

In the men’s department, gentlemen, you have a choice of 6 models of sweaters in Christmas colors. Some will be very popular this year, while others will be shunned by consumers.

We first find a blue model with snowflakes and Santa’s head in large. He wears sunglasses. What gossip!

His companion Rodolphe also has the right to his sweater. This time, Lidl opted for a red sweater with the words “Rudolph is my homeboy” and the reindeer’s red nose instead of the letter O in his name.

I’ll see you at the end of the month

The Lidl brand has therefore prepared a selection of Christmas jumpers to delight its customers. Among the models on offer we find one with Christmas trees decorated with wreaths, Santa Clauses apparently playing sports and full of details. A colorful sweater that promises you 0 discretion!

A more sober and clear model should have much success. Here we see a Christmas tree in front of a mountain backdrop. we can read “Santa Claus – 2143 km”.. It is still difficult to understand what corresponds to this distance. A riddle that remains unanswered for the time being.

Finally, another model of the Christmas jumper uses the flagship colors of the German brand. There is also a Lidl logo on the front and blue and yellow trees. Even better, the bottom section features the names of several of the brand’s star brands. Above all Silvercrest or even Deluxe.

Big box for Lidl with its great Christmas sweaters for less than 12 euros

Lidl’s Christmas sweaters will be available in stores from November 28th. It will therefore be necessary to wait a few more days before we can get our hands on it. Count at their price only 11.99 euros each! A great bargain that you could also do a great gift idea to slip under the tree.

Every year, Christmas jumpers are an opportunity to get in the mood for the end of the year. Some models are very cheesy, but always their small effect!

However, some brands have caught on to the trend Christmas sweaters and now offer very cool models! Uh yes! Christmas sweaters are no longer reserved for the ugliest sweater competitions, but real seasonal trend pieces.

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