Blizzard Talks Rewards, Progression, Queuing, Competition, and Balancing – Overwatch

In an article published on the official website moments ago, the executive producer ofsurveillance 2, Jared Neuss, discusses rewards, progression, queues, competition and balancing. Below you will find all the details without further delay.

Hello, everyone ! I’m Jared, new Executive Producer ofsurveillance 2, and I am very excited to be working with this team and this community. A lot of great things happen in a team over watch right now and I wanted to take the time to share some news with you.

But first, a quick note: it’s risky to talk about projects that aren’t finished yet. Develop a game like surveillance 2 requires a constant juggling between the urgent needs of the players, the long-term ambitions of the team and the current problems. It’s much easier and safer to talk about a project that’s almost complete and ready to go. Despite this, I think that communicating our ideas up front is good and allows us to maintain a better quality dialogue between the development team and the community.

Keep sending us your comments: we read them, they inspire us and we take them into account in our development projects. We take great care to create a game that will keep you playing for years to come.

Let’s dig deep

Rewards and Progress

With the adoption of the free model surveillance 2 welcomed many new players from all over the world. It is extraordinary! More players means more people in each game mode, more potential friendships, and more teammates to play unranked but intense matches with.

However, we do know that this is a big change that comes with a new economic model and new systems for unlocking characters and obtaining models.

There’s a lot that could be said on the subject, but first of all, it has to be said that the team isn’t entirely satisfied with the experience the game is currently offering. There are many aspects we like: completing a set of daily/weekly challenges or getting a new item for one of your favorite characters can be great! But we also have to recognize that the current gaming experience deserves some improvements that we will work on.

We want players to feel rewarded for the time they spend playing. We want to inspire you to strive for new goals on top of your competitive rank and Battle Pass progress. We want you to end each gaming session feeling like you had a good time, even when you close surveillance 2 at the end of a long string of defeats at 2am, having vowed not to leave if he failed.

We’ll have a lot to say on these subjects over the coming months, but in the meantime I’ll tell you a little bit.

Short term

For Season 2, we’ve slightly adjusted the rewards so that each event has a skin that you can unlock through play, in addition to the other cosmetics we usually offer. We will also continue our Drops programs on Twitch so you can earn skins and in-game items by supporting your favorite streamers. We want future seasons to be more rewarding than Season 1 while we work on our long-term plans.


For Season 3 and beyond, we plan to make changes to the Battle Pass, creating more interesting challenges, and more engaging and game-centric progression systems. We’ll be able to update you on some of these changes soon, but others will take a little longer.

waiting times

Your Moira DPS may claim the opposite, over watch remains a role play. Waiting times are therefore a priority for our team.

With the move to 5v5, we’re seeing excessive cooldowns for tanks and damaging characters. While there is no magic bullet for this problem, we have LOTS of ideas that we hope to test in future seasons.

A lot of these ideas revolve around supporting roles, which we want to make more fun and rewarding. We’re looking at targeted support character overhauls, game system updates, and even some changes across the entire support category to provide a smoother gaming experience for players taking on the role.

We will update you further once we have determined exactly what changes need to be made. In the short term, we’ve made the estimate of queue times in the UI more accurate (supports typically queue for less than a minute) and we’ll be experimenting with offering Battle Pass experience rewards to players who queue as supports or with the support All roles option.

competitive games

We recognize that some facets of the competitive experience deserve improvement. The team has many members who swear by competitive gaming; Making this game mode more dynamic and fairer is therefore a priority for us.

We’ve made some adjustments to the matchmaking system and introduced some changes in this week’s update that should allow the game to better determine player level and division. This change has already taken effect, but its impact will be even more noticeable as Season 2 begins.

However, there’s more to competitive play than the matchmaking system, and we’ve heard your feedback on unexpected rank changes, frequency of updates, and more. This is a subject I cannot cover in a paragraph or two, but we shall return to it in more detail shortly.

Character balancing

Many characters received tweaks and balance updates earlier in the week. Genji and D.Va in particular are said to be a little less formidable, Zarya will be less able to rely on his shields and Sombra should calm down a bit when hacking (see patch notes). The changes made in this update seem beneficial to us compared to the current state of the game, but we are already planning more changes for the launch of Season 2.

We’ll be talking more about the Season 2 changes (some of which pertain to your favorite cyber-augmented Canadian) shortly, but first we’d like to see the results of this mid-season update.


Whether you’ve stayed with us all along, picked up the game or just started, thanks for playing surveillance 2. I am systematically touched when I read your messages, when I watch your videos or when I play games with you. We have an amazing community and I hope we can continue to grow alongside you as we share more about how we think.

Season 2 is not far away and we have many great new features planned! (You saw the Ramattra announcement, huh?!) We’ll be back soon with lots of new information about Season 2.

Until then, see you on the cargo ship!


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