Boris Johnson paid 315,000 euros for a speech in the USA

The former prime minister was highly paid for hosting a conference last October.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was paid around €315,000 for a speech he gave to insurers in the US in October, according to the register on which MPs are required to declare their earnings. The update to that register, released on Thursday, shows Boris Johnson was paid exactly £276,130 for that 30-minute speech, followed by a 45-minute discussion before the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers in Colorado Springs.

British newspapers were touched by the well-paid speech in October, only to mention a fee of $150,000, less than half what the former prime minister actually received. Boris Johnson said on the register that he worked a total of 8.5 hours, which equates to an hourly wage of £32,500 (€37,000). Transport and accommodation were also provided for him and two members of his team.

Boris Johnson delivered the speech just over a month after leaving Downing Street, driven out by his government weary of a spate of scandal and lies… and just days before attempting a spectacular comeback to win Liz Truss, the short-lived prime minister to replace her resigned on October 20. He eventually resigned and Rishi Sunak became prime minister.

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Help from Rupert Murdoch

The Register of Members of Parliament’s Financial Interests contains information about the financial remuneration of Members of Parliament or any benefits they receive that can be seen as influencing their actions as an elected Member of Parliament.

Boris Johnson, who has yet to fill out this register as MP, was also paid £11,559 by media magnate Rupert Murdoch for transport and accommodation to a meeting in Montana, US, where the latter owns a ranch.

The register also shows that in October the ex-Prime Minister stayed with his family for several days at the home of Lord Anthony Bamford, a pro-Brexit businessman who partially financed Boris’ wedding reception and Carrie Johnson at their country estate in July.

London’s Gatwick Airport offered its luxury lounge for £3,168 (€3,616) to the couple and their two young children twice in October. Such was the case on October 22 when Boris Johnson rushed home from his holiday in the Dominican Republic to race at Downing Street.

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