Brown will replace black in your wardrobe this autumn/winter season!

To be the trendiest this season, you have to ditch your black attire in favor of brown!

If you’ve always counted on black being trending, this season seems to be reversing the trend. Indeed, a new color is making its way into every fashionista’s wardrobe.

This is the brown that will be everywhere this fall-winter season. So go down quickly to discover all the pieces we have selected for you!

A mango jacket that taps into the brown trend this season

If you have a little interest in fashion, you probably know that black is the color you should definitely have in your closet. It turns out that rule is about to change. In fact, brown will replace black this fall-winter season.

To be at the top, you have no choice but to take it on too. Then you can let yourself be seduced by this great jacket from the Mango brand. With its brown color you will surely cause a stir.

In addition, it is a stylish jacket that you can wear in all circumstances. If you want to gift it to yourself, nothing could be easier. You can find it in all Mango branded stores.

The latter is also available on the brand’s website. Don’t worry about the price, it remains quite affordable even for small budgets.

A brown pant suit will be the trendiest of fall

If there’s one outfit you’ll be seeing everywhere this fall, it’s the pant suit. Consisting of a blazer and high-waisted trousers, the latter has everything you need. But instead of choosing it in black, let yourself be seduced by a brown set.

That’s a good thing, because we’ve dug up a great model from the Monki brand for you. Enough for you to wear the trendiest color of the moment. It is then a set that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style.

You can wear it with a shirt and heels to get to work. But if you like it a little more casual, you can also wear this outfit with white sneakers and a T-shirt.

Finally, it turns out that this pant suit set comes at a price you’ll have a hard time resisting. To get it quickly, you can order it on the brand’s website. If you want you can also find it in all Monki branded stores. So it’s up to you!

A Zara coat to wear in the trendiest color of the moment

Now that the temperatures are dropping, you desperately need a new coat to keep you warm. But not a question of choosing a model. To be trendy you can opt for this coat from the Zara brand. The latter has the most popular color of the autumn-winter season. With this brown coat you are guaranteed not to go unnoticed. Something that protects you from the cold while respecting your style.

To treat yourself to this brown coat, head to your favorite Zara store. Of course, if you can’t come to the store, you can also find this brown coat in the brand’s online shop. Don’t worry about the price. This coat is still available at a reasonable price. What should be trendy without having to pay attention to your shopping budget. You know what you still have to do!

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