Casino gambling movies with a non-trivial plot

After a day’s work, we often want to relax by watching an interesting story. For this purpose, more than one film about the casino has been invented, which causes unusual emotions. Each scenario is inspirational in its own way, so you don’t have to stop at just one option.

We have compiled a list of interesting casino movies dealing with different types of games: roulette, blackjack, online betting, etc. Also, these movies offer a different perspective on gambling. Not only does this offer additional information and skills, but also a better understanding of the history of the casinos. And if you want to play after the story, go to Online Casino Websitewhere quality and proven games reside.

The best casino movies

It is difficult to compile a list of all the books dedicated to gambling. We will therefore select some interesting topics. These include:

  • The Big Game, 2017;
  • The Walk on the Mississippi, 2015;
  • An Important Bet, 2007;
  • Casino, 1995.

Each of the films mentioned has its own peculiarities. These films are clues to the secret winning mechanics and an opportunity to experience true luxury, darkness and the noise of the crowd around the gaming tables.

The choice depends on individual preferences. For example, movies made earlier are a clearer representation of the establishment at the time. The modern works testify to a slightly changed culture that shows itself.

The big game

The plot of this movie based on the biography by Molly Bloom. A young girl with no career in sports starts an underground business. It is she who tells about all the intricacies of the gambling industry, because many influential people have come to her house. Since the girl was being hunted by the mafia and the FBI, she was subjected to numerous tests that were pictured. The idea was rewarded with an Oscar.

Hiking the Mississippi

Featuring a character named Gray who has dedicated his life to gambling. He won a lot, but he didn’t always succeed. As luck began to turn, the veteran player found a young player. The second character, Courts, quickly caught his eye because he was lucky. He wants to pass on all the secrets of the craft to her. To this end, the couple undertakes a long journey through the southern states, along the great Mississippi. The main goal was to make money.

A big bet

This film is not based on a single character. It consists of the stories of several people, so variety is guaranteed. Despite their similarities in their gaming hobbies, each one is different. Writer Carolyn secretly goes to the casino from her husband, while remaining an exemplary wife. Also at the heart of the plot is the character of a powerful mafia patron of the game named Ivan. Nobody has seen him, but he is behind the whole casino business. It’s up to Detective Brunner to clear things up.


This film combines three genres: drama, biography and crime. It can rightly be called an enduring classic. The main roles are played by two friends who not only work together in a casino, but are also involved in mafia deals. Life in Las Vegas is presented in color. In addition to crime and gangsters, there are also winning bets and huge sums of money. Although the film was released in 1996, it is still interesting and relevant.


If you are a fan of casinos, be sure to use the list of movies above. Each story is based on interesting scenarios or even real events. Each film will help you gain new knowledge and insights into the gambling field, not only from the player side but also from the business side. We recommend watching these high-quality stories to be filled with pleasant emotions and inspiration.

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