Catherine Laborde suffers from Lewy body disease, her husband confides

BERTRAND GUAY v AFP French TV presenter Catherine Laborde poses March 21, 2013 during a photocall as part of the Forum de la Meteo in Paris on the eve of the 10th International Weather and Climate Forum. AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY (Photo by Bertrand GUAY / AFP)


Former weather presenter Catherine Laborde, who has Lewy Body dementia, is now finding it difficult to express herself, her husband explained on Tuesday October 4 on France 2. (Illustrative photo: Catherine Laborde poses on March 21, 2013 during a photocall at the as part of the Forum de la Météo in Paris.)

PERSONS- “She’s entered a phase where she’s having a hard time expressing herself.” Catherine Laborde’s husband shared a moving testimony on the show this Tuesday, October 4th “Today it starts”on France 2. He returned to the difficulties caused by the Lewy disease affecting the former TF1 weather presenter.

This cognitive disorder is “a so-called fluctuating disease. She has times when she becomes completely lucid again and in fact it doesn’t calm her down because in those moments she wonders what is happening to her. ‘ said her husband Thomas Stern.

The presenter Faustine Bollaert then asked him what was the most difficult thing for him to live. “communicate orally”he replied when the spouses shared an intellectual connection and wrote two books together, including sick love (Plon editions).

The former Miss Weather was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia in 2014 and had to say goodbye to the French in 2017. This disease that she defines in her book Tremble (Plon editions) as “a mixture of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s” causes severe symptoms.

“Sometimes I imagine I have a tank on my head with goldfish spinning all the time.”she introduced herself to evoke her moments of confusion during an interview seven to eight in 2018. Her health has since deteriorated, but her husband will never stop” keep making them laugh because it’s important”.

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