CD Projekt Announces a Cyberpunk Sequel, Three The Witcher Games, and a New IP | Xbox One

October kicks off with the Polish CD project. In fact, the studio responsible for the saga The Witcher or even Cyberpunk 2077 has just announced five projects for the coming years during a public point about the group’s strategy. The least we can say is that CD Projekt thinks big and wants to continue to be a strong contributor to the industry.

A new The Witcher trilogy and two new games from CD Projekt are in the pipeline

Let’s start with the announcements regarding The Witcher license. The trilogy, which started in 2007, has sold 65 million copies in the 15 years of its existence and it is certain that CD Projekt will continue to rely heavily on the huge universe of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels in the years to come.

We first discover The Witcher Sirius, a title developed by The Molasses Flood made in support of CD Projekt Red. The game will stand out from other The Witcher games by offering a campaign driven single player experience with quests and story but also a multiplayer experience.

In a second step, CD Projekt Red will entrust The Witcher Canis Majoris to a third-party studio run by witcher license veterans. The game will feature a different universe to that of the new The Witcher trilogy, which we’ll be discussing shortly after. Little additional information was shared by CD Projekt so you will have to be patient before discovering the nature of this project.

Finally, CD Projekt announced the preparation of a new The Witcher trilogy, launched with the codename The Witcher Polaris. The latter was formalized earlier this year and will launch a new trilogy as two more games are planned after Polaris to forge a new AAA RPG trilogy set in The Witcher universe.

Project Orion: Cyberpunk will indeed be entitled to a sequel

Let’s continue with these announcements of the day by mentioning Orion, one of the new games planned by CD Projekt. Orion will be the next game from the cyberpunk universe developed by CD Projekt Red.

“Orion is a codename for our next cyberpunk game that will advance the cyberpunk franchise and further unlock the potential of this dark futuristic universe. »

With the recent announcement of Phantom Liberty, the first and only DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt reaffirms its desire to further develop the universe of Cyberpunk, not only transmedia with the Edgerunners animated series, but also with a new game.

A new separate IP called Project Hadar in CD Projekt’s pipes

To conclude the day’s announcements, CD Projekt has just announced that a new IP, distinct from The Witcher and Cyberpunk licenses, has entered pre-production. The outlines of the project are only just being sketched, but the Polish studio intends to use its talent and imagination to offer the public an unprecedented license.

Hadar is the codename for a third entirely separate intellectual property built from the ground up within CDPR. The project is in the early stages of the creation process, which means we’re not developing a game yet, we’re working exclusively on the basis of this new framework.

This public point about the group’s strategy is full of surprises, to say the least. Overall, the Polish group summed up their new strategy through these various points:

  • immortalize its successful licenses
  • Develop studio development skills
  • focus on creating quality games and player enjoyment
  • go into multiplayer
  • develop the transmedia aspect of CD Projekt licenses through mobile games, films, series or even comics

CD Projekt sets the tone for the years to come and we will certainly have to count on them and on the great licenses they have been able to develop over the years. Meanwhile, The Witcher III’s next-gen update is expected later this year, although no specific date has been given as of yet.

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