CD Projekt Red announces a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, a new The Witcher trilogy and a new license: Hadar – News

No less than three videos have been released by CD Projekt Red to illustrate their grand strategic plan for the years to come. After communicating a lot, a lot about the well-being of its teams, to erase the image of a studio where crunch has become the norm and a big problem, the Polish company has announced many games in the pipeline. Lessons learned from the relative failure of Cyberpunk 2077which sold just 20 million copies against the 65 million of Geralt’s franchise, CD Projekt Red wants to review its production methods and technical means.

Orion, Sirius, Polaris, Canis Majoris…

As already promised, this year it is actually so far The witcher 3 will arrive on next-gen consoles, while their latest license has the right to add an extension by the name Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Freedom. Only later will the official sequel arrive, a brand new part with the name Orion.

A first game from the named Witcher license The Witcher: Sirius is already being produced at The Molasses Flood Studio, owned by CD Projekt. Dubbed as a game different from the rest of the franchise and designed for a “larger audience” than its predecessors, it will be the first title to be completed in the long list of projects featured.

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The new saga really begins with The Witcher: Polaris, the first in a trilogy and the only one currently in production. The last two parts are being developed in parallel to reduce production times, and CD Projekt has the ambition (somewhat unreasonably) to release this trilogy over just six years, by aligning the means of production with the second part saga. The studio announces that it has entered into a long-term partnership with Epic Games to only work on this engine for all its games in the future in order to limit production costs and time.

The Witcher: Canis Majorisan additional episode in open world and primarily narrative, will be developed by an external service provider, but still using the Unreal Engine 5. This outsourcing of production is a direct response to the company’s desire to have its subtitles developed by other studios in order to expand the number of games a Franchise without burdening busy in-house studios for big titles. It will also be possible to expand the range of titles on offer, particularly with a foray into the mobile format.

A new license called Hadar

The codenamed project Hadar Released in 2021, the title is still in the conceptual state but like the studio’s other main titles will be a new license being developed in-house. CD Projekt announces that it intends to have three strong licences, which will use all resources in permanent rotation.

Finally, the Polish company also wants to emphasize multiplayer, which should arrive in most of the newly released games, such as: The Witcher: Sirius. To carry out all of these projects, a new studio will be created in Boston, joining the existing hub in Vancouver to form CD Projekt North America.

However, CD Projekt does not intend to abandon its ambitions in video games alone, as the Polish studio claims to want to continue its partnership with Netflix to expand its licenses in the form of animated series or TV series, as has been the case in recent months. . . The strategy report also cites books and comics as new media for the studio’s products.

Finally, Marcin Iwiński, the studio’s co-founder and current co-CEO, also announced that he is stepping down from his current position, underscoring the whole thing with a message aimed at both the community and observers.

Rising to the front during the Cyberpunk 2077 controversy, the CEO is no longer appearing in an executive role within the studio, but as chairman of the board of directors, where he will oversee the management of the Poland company with 1200 employees.

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