Champions League – Di Maria “Guardian Angel”, Rabiot finally goalscorer: The former Parisians celebrated with Juventus

While PSG were hooked on the Benfica pitch (1-1), two former Parisians shone in Group H on Wednesday night. Defending champions against Maccabi Haifa, Adrien Rabiot and Angel Di Maria were the main architects of Juventus’ success (3-1). The first thanks to his double to open the goal and break at the end of the game. The second with his three delicious assists.

The two ex-PSGs shone at the start with a terrific hidden pass from the Argentine for a clean finish by the French (35th). After a corner from “Fideo” to the balled-back header from “Duke” (83rd), they then completed the job. In the meantime, Di Maria had brought Dusan Vlahovic into play with an opening at the right pace (50′).

Champions League

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What makes me happy are assists

Three more assists, now making 38 for ADM in the Champions League. That’s the second-best tally in history behind Cristiano Ronaldo (42) and ahead of Lionel Messi (37). Upon his arrival, his Man of the Match trophy was well deserved. “I’m trying to do my job. What makes me happier is providing assists more than scoring goals.”he remembered at the microphone Heaven Italy.

A performance that was visibly pleasing tuttosport and at Corriere dello Sportwho made it to the front page of this all-cap performance by Di Maria, the Corriere played with his first name as the headline “Guardian Angel”. At the side of Gazetta dello Sportwe focused on this Juve instead “a la Rabiot”. Because seeing the Frenchman’s scorer is a rarity, he who hadn’t found the net with the old lady since May 2021. So a double…

Allegri: “Rabiot? It’s absolutely no surprise”

“It’s possible that this game is a trigger. Those two goals can help me,” he admitted to the press before making a small update. “I can score goals, but in Italy that’s all they talk about. Football isn’t just about scoring goals. A game lasts 90 minutes. If you score a goal but miss every pass, then… Above all, rejoice me myself.” with my performance throughout the game. The coach trusts me and I’m happy about that.”

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A Massimiliano Allegri who, like Di Maria, was actually polite. “It’s no surprise at all, he’s a player who’s improved a lot, responded the Italian technician. He’s 27 now, which is the best age to pass a course. He has proven that he is a great player. I think he still has room for improvement in the verticality and speed of his forward play. Things are slowly coming together. I think he’s entering the most important years of his career.” In any case, he’s definitely entered his season.

Champions League

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Champions League

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