Champions League: Inter Milan defeats FC Barcelona (1-0)

Heroic. In a serious slump in results in the league for a few weeks, not to say in the crisis, Inter Milan made an offer on behalf of the 3 ). In the second period he had to defend his lead when Hasan Calhanoglu opened the scoring just before the break. In this group of death dominated by Bayern Munich, author of a flawless game, the Nerazzurri take a sacred option for second before certain to suffer blitz at the Camp Nou next week.

As in 2010, a year full of great memories for the Italian club, Inter Milan beat FC Barcelona. It’s too early to predict a season-ending crowning, but the fact remains that it’s an encouraging setback for Simone Inzaghi’s men. The Italians, who were in serious trouble for several games, built their chest against Barcelona, ​​still dominating the game but failing to create any clear chances.

Champions League

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This is in stark contrast to the Nerazzurri, who have generally proven to be the most dangerous, flaunting a memorable self-sacrifice as a bonus when their backs are turned. The facts of the game were also included, especially when the VAR Barça did not award a penalty for a possible handball by Denzel Dumfries in a tackle with Ansu Fait (90+2) or disallowed a goal scored by Pedri after a hand of.. .this same Fati (68th).

Inter, with niaque… and VAR

The VAR wasn’t always positive about Inter Milan either: an offside by Lautaro Martinez for a few centimeters prevented a penalty being called, again for a hand in the penalty area (29′). It wasn’t the first warning for FC Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​who can thank Marc-André Ter Stegen, who released an impeccable cock after a vicious goal from Hasan Calhanoglu. The Blaugrana goalkeeper, on the other hand, was unable to thwart another attempt from the Turk, originator of a deserved opener given all Inter Milan’s efforts in a united first half.

We waited for FC Barcelona’s reaction. It was too late to stagger the Italians, who ended the game by a thread and, for some, with convulsions symbolizing many physical sacrifices. Fueled by the atmosphere, electrified as ever and ready for battle, Inter persevered despite a hyper-available Ousmane Dembélé and Andre Onana’s forced save from a tight angle (61′).

It’s true that the defense perfectly muzzled Robert Lewandowski, who never weighed. Tactically and mentally Inter were really flawless in this game. And she will know which levers to pull to relive such a scenario on Day 4. There will be revenge for the Catalans otherwise they could be eliminated from the Champions League.

Champions League

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01/10/2022 at 8:51 p.m

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