Charlene of Monaco among the stars: The princess shines at the Louis Vuitton show

It is an image that we have very rarely seen in recent weeks: Charlene of Monaco, radiant and smiling, enjoying a fashion show in complete relaxation … Passionate about this environment, like all the other women of the Monaco princely family, The former South African swimmer left her husband, Albert II, and his children Jacques and Gabriella (7 ½ years old) a few days to enjoy Paris Fashion Week. And this Tuesday, October 4th, she seemed to be having fun!

Invited to the front row of the Louis Vuitton fashion show, Charlene de Monaco arrived in black pants and a purple plaid jacket layered over a white blouse. Smiling, her blond hair still short, she took advantage of the show under the last rays of the Parisian sun. This Saturday, she had already made a remarkable entrancedressed all in black for the Akris parade, but looking even more relaxed this time, she who had looked very upset at the funeral of Elizabeth II, which she had attended with her husband.

Since her return to the principality, after almost a year in South Africa because of an ENT infection, the princess has seemed happier than ever: this summer, the young woman actually took part in all the European royal events that were important for her husband, like the Bal de la Rose, which hosted a highly commented luncheon with the Norwegian royal family and their children. She had also paid a private visit to Pope Francis.

Many stars for Vuitton

Around her, at the Louis Vuitton show, there were many stars: right next to her, Billionaire Bernard Arnault (Chairman and CEO of LVMH), surrounded by her children, was able to discuss various topics with her. On the other hand, the Princess found Janet Jackson, who caused a sensation during this Paris Fashion Week and still flaunted her gray jacket and XXL ponytail.

She had other American stars by her side, including ’90s actress Jennifer Connelly, who came without her husband, Paul Bettany, a major character in the Marvel saga. Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner were also in attendance. Maude Apatow, daughter of the humor king Judd Apatow, also an actress, had finally set out to find one of her French colleagues, Léa Seydoux, muse of the House of Vuitton, sublime in shorts and black pumps. Finally, singer Lous and the Yakuza tagged the photographers in an almost futuristic metallic uniform.

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