Charles III “systematically denigrates Diana”: Serious allegations, the king in an uproar

These are memories that would have been well spent! This Thursday November 17th during Season 5 of The crown Patrick Jephson, a former secretary to Princess Diana who has just been released and is already causing a scandal across the English Channel, has decided to get even with King Charles thanks to a very popular podcast in which he shared all his memories of the time when he was in the little secrets of the palace.

And suffice it to say that what he says should not help to increase the king’s popularity rating! It has to be said that the man worked with Diana from 1988 to 1996 and thus accompanied the last four years of the marriage between the popular Lady Di and who was then called Prince Charles. The worst years between the young woman in her 30s and already the mother of William and Harry (born 1982 and 1984) and her husband, openly in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who became his wife in 2005.

Additionally, Patrick Jephson narrates: As the years of Charles’ infidelity progressed, Diana was at the end “toughen up“, supports the lies of the palace staff to cover it up. And delivers serious allegations against “relatives of the king“whom he says he saw lead”a systematic smear campaign“Against Diana, to do with her life”a hell“.

The “worst” aspect of the war in this couple

According to him, Prince Charles gave journalists and staff “briefingson his wife’s mental health and negatively impacting the public’s perception of her. Patrick Jephson himself had seen his name mixed up in the scandalous BBC interview affair. The Princess of Wales eventually turned against him: she spoke out specifically about her problems with anorexia at a charity event to draw attention back to her.

Frustrated“Let it be henceforth”accepted“Of all that Diana suffered from mental health issues, Patrick Jephson would like to restore his truth: To him, William and Harry’s mother would have actually shown the opposite.”incredibly strong‘ under pressure from the royal family and media attention.

Considering the life she had, considering the pressures she had to endure, not only was she sane, she also possessed an insane ability to restore normality in the most extreme of situations.‘ he explains of the young woman who eventually divorced Prince Charles and who found love again in billionaire Dodi Al-Fayed, who was also killed in the Alma Bridge accident. .

In any case, his conclusion is irresistible: “The people spreading the rumors about Diana are mostly men who want to defend another man by attacking a woman. The Princess I worked with for 8 years was perfectly sane, funny and smart“.

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