Cherbourg. The sold out Camaïeu garments are sold at -50% and are available in Noz stores

In Cherbourg (Manche), Camaïeu garments are sold out in Noz stores. (©Alexandra ADAM)

the 1ah October 2022of Hundreds of Camaïeu shops definitely lowered the curtain France. A few days earlier that Commercial Court of Lille placed theReady-to-wear brand for women in court-ordered liquidation, resulting in the layoff of more than 2,600 employees.

Five of them worked in the shop that had been established in the gallery of the Auchan mall for thirty years The ice cream shop (delegated commune of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Manche), which has also ceased operations.

A won auction

The clothes that were there are not entirely lost. Since then they have found their place Tuesday, November 15, 2022, on the shelves of general destocking brand Noz’s store in La Glacerie. “Usually there will be some in the one Equeurdreville from November 18,” adds Nadia Macsymyuk, manager of the Glacier Store.

If Camaïeu clothes are sold in the Noz stalls, it is because the destocking chain won auctions organized in the North after Camaïeu’s liquidation on November 2nd. Noz, who was among twenty or so professional buyers, had paid around 3.8 million euros Become the owner of around two million pieces from Camaïeu’s stores, warehouses and the new collection.

“Everything is sold at -50%”

Cherbourg customers will find four complete clothing racks in their Noz stores, as well as containers of clothing items formerly stamped Camaïeu. “There’s everything: dresses, skirts, shoes, jackets, sweaters, etc.,” says Nadia Macsymyuk. “Everything is sold at -50%. If the clothing currently on offer corresponds to the current summer collection, the 2023 collection will land next.

And according to Nadia Macsymyuk, the presence of clothes is very popular with customers. For those who do not live near the port city, the Noz de Granville store has also been offering Camaïeu clothes since November 12th and Agneaux clothes since November 15th.

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