Christmas 2022: an Air France strike will disrupt your air travel?

Two Air France unions are on strike for the holiday season. This could complicate your travels.

In just over a month, Christmas will be knocking on our doors. And this time of year is a friendly time that we spend with family. But a strike at Air France could complicate your task. At least if you were planning to take the plane.

A strike at Air France at the end of the year?

This is the threat that will weigh on Christmas. In fact, there could be a strike at Air France during the Christmas period. Either way, it’s the threat of the company’s unions. But for what reasons? We tell you more.

Many trades are currently on strike. This was the case interns in October but also from the RATP just over a week ago. This time it is the air environment that is warning of their dissatisfaction at the moment.

Two staff unions have just announced a strike for the Christmas business. This would be between December 22nd and January 2nd. At the worst time of the year. According to Morandini, this strike would have ended because of a legal dispute the collective agreement for hostesses and stewards.

You can read about it on the trade union networks. ” This notice must serve as a warning on our instruction. Only if this warning is not heard strong mobilization will tip the scales”.

So it’s quite possible that Air France will go on strike at Christmas. In any case, if nothing moves on the part of the company management. AFP contacted Air France without success. The company will not respond to inquiries.

Christmas 2022: an Air France strike will disrupt your air travel?

Christmas threatened by a strike?

So if this continues and is confirmed, Christmas could well be disrupted. So if you wanted to fly to see the most beautiful markets Christmas in Europe or just visiting family, things could get complicated.

The unions are not giving up and are waiting for a gesture from the company. ” To meet delivered in one direction who can change everything that affects our profession with the stroke of a pen is unacceptable. »

“We demand a solution temporary contractual replacement of the collective agreementthe time for negotiations » explains the unions. At the moment Air France has not yet responded. We’ll have to wait a little longer.

But you should know that the two unions are in the majority in the group. So that could really have an effect on Christmas. Depending on where you are traveling to, taking the train is the right solution! Or even the car.

At least no risk for you. You just have to concentrate on your gifts from Christmas and not for a possible strike ! That can quickly become stressful. Especially when you can’t wait to find your family for the end of year celebrations.

In the meantime, if you have already bought your tickets, keep yourself updated on the company’s website but also on the networks. Prevention is better than cure! We wish you the best of luck at the end of the year!

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