CMA-CGM, much more than a sponsor

What comes after this ad?

Last week, Olympique de Marseille formalized a sponsorship deal that didn’t go unnoticed. ” The CMA-CGM Group and Olympique de Marseille are pleased to announce that the CMA-CGM Group will be the next main partner of Olympique de Marseille. The CMA-CGM Group, main partner of OM from the 2023-2024 season. The CMA-CGM Group, a global player in sea, land, air and logistics solutions, will become the main partner of Olympique de Marseille for two seasons from July 1, 2023. “, we can read at the beginning in the official press release of the club.

Nothing special, you say. But the Compagnie maritime d’affretement – Compagnie Générale Maritime (CMA-CGM) – led by Rodolphe Saadé, is a major player on the territory of Marseille, the largest employer for the city on the one hand and for the world on the other hand of l ‘others. Because it is one of the three big players alongside the Danish AP Møller-Mærsk and the Chinese Mediterranean Shipping Company. In addition, the French shipowner has entered into a strategic partnership with Air France that could see CMA-CGM control up to 9% of the airline group. According to the Challenge ranking 2022, Rodolphe Saadé is also the fifth financial power in France with 36 billion euros.

OM and CMA-CGM, key partners

Since then, news has been spreading of the collapse of Cazoo, OM’s previous shirt partner, which has given away around nine million euros in solid form over two years. According to our information, the negotiations between the Phocaeans and one of the leaders in maritime transport with a turnover of $19.5 billion in the second quarter of 2022 (i.e. a double profit of around $7.6 billion) are a colossal figure that has increased exponentially since the Covid, were launched last summer.

The figures for this strategic partnership have not yet been communicated, but according to our information they would be slightly higher than what Cazoo paid. And for good reason, it’s a true alliance that OM just sealed. ” CMA-CGM will be present on the front of the jerseys of all Olympique de Marseille teams and will also be visible in the Orange Vélodrome, the Robert Louis-Dreyfus training center “La Commanderie”, on the OM Campus and in the club’s media its digital ecosystem. As the main partner of Olympique de Marseille, CMA-CGM accompanies a whole generation of players as close as possible to the pitch. This partnership will involve all components of the club, from the youth teams to the training center and the professional women’s and men’s teams. ‘ it is displayed. Something not seen at OM for many years. Neither Orange nor Uber Eats nor Cazoo were ready.

The CMA-CMG will be uncompromising

A good idea, but which will give OM work, since at the CMA-CGM we also pay great attention to signage, for example the size of the display font on the Vélodrome or on campus, the times when the name of the group is exhibited become, which was the least of Cazoo’s concerns, but an issue on which his successor is already adamant.

In addition, the two foundations will also couple from time to time, and this is the area where the CMA-CGM should put most of its resources: ” The CMA-CGM Foundation and the OM Foundation will also work together to support social and solidarity initiatives related to education, aimed at young people. Together, CMA-CGM and Olympique de Marseille initiate a partnership based on passion, with Marseille at the heart “.

OM is very proud

A source of pride for Pablo Longoria: ” We are very happy with this partnership. Because we are talking about an important institution in the city and in the local economic structure. We said that we wanted to do an important project for Marseille, important for the territory. It is important for the club to have the support of CMA-CGM and that they believe in what we are doing on a daily basis in making changes that we believe are good for the club. It is a support that we consider very important to find important people in the territory’s economy on our side. This is very good news and we are very excited to have CMA-CGM on our side as it is a partnership but it also sends a strong message locally. We will work a lot for the development of activity in the city. Not only did we talk about the world of sport, but also about the world of education in Marseille, but also about all the developments that can be made in Marseille around the different foundations. It’s very interesting for us. Cazoo naturally dropped out of the sponsorship as they shared, we saw it as an opportunity to look for people who believe in the project, in what we do every day. With CMA-CGM we have not only found a sponsor, but a partner to be able to develop real projects around football. We are very proud to have CMA-CGM with us and it is a strong message for Marseille “.

Inevitably, with this kind of news, we see rumors of a sale of the club resurfacing everywhere. Firstly because Rodolphe Saadé has been getting more attention lately, but also because he is a local actor who is gaining weight. In fact, he recently managed to buy the newspaper Provence for the tidy sum of 81 million euros when his main opponent in this affair, Xavier Niel, thought that twenty million would be more than enough to complete this file. This was not enough and after a slight presidential intervention, the owner of Paris-Turf threw in the towel for the newspaper, of which he owned 11%. Given the businessman’s rise to fame, the shortcut was easy to pull off. The main prospect, at the microphone from France InterShe has also denied any desire to buy OM.

The sale was swept away by Saadé and Longoria

no My intention is to build this partnership, develop it further with OM, and I think that makes a lot of sense. For OM it is a strategic partnership that we are building and I think that is enough. ‘ he let go coldly. The same story alongside Pablo Longoria at a press conference this Tuesday at the Robert Louis-Dreyfus Training Center.

It’s never up to date, quite the opposite. We are working with the new structure, the supervisory board, which is more and more in line with everyday club life. Yesterday we talked about a five year project. How to progress well to arrive in 2024, which will be a turning point in international football with the new distributions of European competitions and, in the case of French football, with a new distribution of TV rights. It’s never relevant and I don’t know why in today’s world we have this constant need to get all messages across without verifying or trying to make controversies fueled by social networks. The message is clear: there is nothing. But on the contrary. We must thank CMA-CGM for the trust they have placed in us to become a key partner of the club, but the sale is nowhere in sight. “A message from the President of OM could not be clearer.

Aside from Rodolphe Saadé’s official reluctance to buy OM, there are other explanations. When we discussed this partnership internally in the CMA-CGM Tower a few weeks ago, we also thought of a possible future takeover. Option once again swept in high places. In particular, there are fears of overflows, in the event of withdrawal and bad results, damage to the tower, which is currently protected by a fine security team, but which will not be manageable in the event of large-scale overflows, but also committing to an irrational investment that is not the type of house . As such, for now, and without being fictional, CMA-CGM is more of a partner than a sponsor, but will not necessarily be more in the months or years to come.

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