Cyril Lignac: a young father at the end of his rope!

On paper, the scene looks idyllic. An image usually seen in advertisements: a happy family at lunchtime in a restaurant in Paris’s Golden Triangle, on a still sunny Saturday in October. But on the terrace of a brasserie in the 8th arrondissement, Cyril Lignac isn’t really looking at his plate. The drawn features, the scowl, the chef didn’t fish and left his greedy smile in the cloakroom.

And for a good reason! M6’s emblematic chef undoubtedly goes through the anguish of parenthood: interrupted nights, great moments of anxiety and questions left unanswered. But why is this child crying? Like all young fathers in the world, Cyril discovers the famous p Step not on the menu: having a baby is a lot of work!


This Saturday, October 1st, after a visibly difficult night, the chef probably got up very early to do his usual tour of the Parisian bakeries and pastry shops that he owns. Then he allowed himself a moment of rest by playing polo, the sport he loves so much and in which he is increasingly excelling, according to the experts who saw him riding a racquet in hand. A shower later, he’s back in the center of the City of Light for this lunch on the terrace with Déborah and her little Léo, just to enjoy the last rays of sunshine in peace. Problem, the son is a bit grumpy. Cyril is allowed to cuddle him, rock him, do nothing…

The balance between work and private life is difficult

Cyril, would you have some toddler tears for starters?


Unfortunately, there is no recipe for putting a smile on a baby’s face. And if he keeps crying at the restaurant, it’s more time for a crunch than a crunch. Luckily, Cyril can count on Deborah to support him on his greatest adventures. Since this summer, Léo’s mother has left Saint-Tropez, where she had a jewelry shop, to meet her to create a lovely blended family in Paris with her three daughters, who are already grown. In three years of love, the chef and his darling went through all stages of life together until they found themselves… three. Cyril also canceled to our colleagues in September 2020 TV magazine: “Of course I want to start a family, that’s part of the balance in life.” Meanwhile, the balance sheet seems precarious. And Cyril, still so hungry in his activities.

Being at the hearth and the kid wears you out, even if you have the energy of Cyril Lignac. Luckily Deborah is there.


When he’s not on TV, he gives the recipe for Vitello Tonnato or a good apple compote on RTL, where he writes a culinary column. And to do even more, on the occasion of Pink October, this month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, he offered himself a little imagination by dying his famous marshmallow teddy bears pink. Without forgetting a few ads here and there, just to add a little more butter to the spinach, like this master class he’s about to organize to celebrate the birthday of kitchen designer Ixina.


In short, a true farandole by Jobs, ill-matched to the hurricane that is the arrival of a child. Proof that you can still become an apprentice at the age of almost 45… and realize that raising a baby isn’t easy.

Renaud Leclercq

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