David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris, “denounces” the club’s affiliation with Qatar

David Belliard, EELV MP at Paris City Hall, spoke Tuesday on BFMTV on the boycott of the 2022 World Cup. He criticized Qatar and regretted that PSG is currently held by the emirate.

Fans will have to gather in small committees to watch the 2022 World Cup (November 20 – December 18). Like many other cities in France, Paris will not install a giant screen during the competition, which starts in Qatar in a month and a half. The city hall confirmed this on Monday. A way of boycotting the big meeting at the end of the year and pointing the finger at the emirate. “I condemn any complicity with states that today do not respect climate issues, social rules or basic legal norms,” ​​summarized David Belliard this Tuesday during his visit to BFM TV.

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The EELV deputy at Paris City Hall, responsible for the transformation of public spaces, transport, mobility, road regulation and roads, took the opportunity to speak about PSG, which has been held by Qatar since the summer of 2011: “PSG is a private club, so we have no control over its capital structure. But yes, I regret it and I condemn it. Just as I was an activist and elsewhere I continue to oppose electric formulas (Formula E racing ed.) in the heart of Paris because there was a sponsorship with Qatar is the same.

“We have to go a step further”

“It’s the same logic that today I don’t think we can work with states that are in breach of the policies we’re pursuing,” he continued. This is not just a political question. It’s also a matter of problems. It is a state that does not respect fundamental rights, that does not engage in the fight against the climate and that does not respect social rules.”

When asked about the mismatch between his position and the fact that Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, regularly goes to the Parc des Princes to support Kylian Mbappé’s teammates, David Belliard replied: “But no. What are we boycotting today? “We’re not boycotting PSG. We’re boycotting an event. That means we’re not going to promote them in public spaces in Paris, like in Strasbourg, Bordeaux or Lille. That’s Paris’ position. We don’t do that.” against Qatar. We are against this type of event under these conditions. My personal position is that we need to go a little further. I am for exemplary football events and clubs. That’s why I also denounced PSG’s attitude towards players taking the plane. It’s a political debate.”

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