Deal closed – A statement by Sophie Davant outraged internet users

This Wednesday, November 16, a remark made by Sophie Davant in “Case Closed” outraged netizens. Screenshot of France 2

This Wednesday, November 16th, France 2 broadcast two numbers of “Affaire concluded”. One of the programs was devoted to the Impressionists, and Sophie Davant assured viewers that the auctioneer would “float.” A remark that outraged netizens.

Sophie Davant once again directed two episodes of Case Closed on France 2 this Wednesday, November 16. While the first show was fairly traditional, the second focused on the Impressionist period. The sellers at the time were art lovers who brought precious objects into the auction room. While a handwritten letter from Claude Monet addressed to Stéphane Mallarmé to tell him of his sadness over the weather angered buyers, a bronze signed by Auguste Renoir ensured everyone agreed. So much so that all the buyers got involved in a crazy auction race. Aurore Morisse was also delighted with a Barbie inspired by the famous painter of the painting “Nympheas”. What is certain is that these art connoisseurs were speechless in the face of such treasures. In addition, Sophie Davant had teased an “exciting” program, especially for the auctioneers, at the introduction.

VIDEO – (Rediscover the highlights of Sophie Davant’s life):

In order to add a bit of “freshness” to the presentation of “Closed Deal”, the moderator sometimes makes introductions. So also in this second issue of the day. Accompanied by Harold Hessel, Sophie Davant wanted to warn viewers. “You know, there are emissions or objects that make our national Harold more or less wriggle,” she began. When the auctioneer flashed a slight smile to express his unease, Sophie Davant continued: “Today he will be overwhelmed with fidgets as we dedicate this program to the Impressionists”.

“Harold should host the show”

This sequence was perceived as “uncomfortable” for Internet users. Case Close followers know Sophie Davant and know that she often uses that word to conjure up Harold Hessel. It is therefore not uncommon for the presenter of France Télévisions to use the word “frétillement” or the verb “frétiller” in every program. Remarks that really annoy Twittos. What’s more, for some, it “becomes borderline annoyance.” “We ask her if she’s wriggling in front of a guy,” was one Twitter subscriber outraged? For others, Sophie Davant would even make fun of Harold Hessel. One thing is for sure, netizens have a horror of these terms and they have popularized it on the web. Some fans would even hope that the auctioneer will take the place of William Leymergie’s partner and become the new host of “Deal closed”.

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