Death of Coolio: “He saw other women,” his companion explains their unique relationship

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The news of rapper Coolio’s death at the age of 59 surprised everyone. Mimi Ivey, his partner, confided in the “Daily Mail” this immense loss. The opportunity for her to reveal a part of her late sweetheart’s life that no one knew about: her fickle side.

September 28th was a very sad day. Rapper Coolio, known for his interplanetary hit Gangsta’s Paradise, died at the age of 59. His lifeless body was found at the home of Jarez Posey, the artist’s friend and manager. Worried that Coolio wouldn’t return from the bathroom, Jarez walked into the room and discovered the unspeakable. The rapper would have been swept away by a heart attack, according to his management, who confided in this Daily Mail. But he wasn’t the only one who trusted the British media.

Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Junior, shared the life of a certain Mimi for ten years. A blonde dancer who obviously paid tribute to him among many others and who, in an interview, lifted the veil on the true nature of her story. Contrary to appearances, the lovebirds were not in an exclusive relationship: “He was dating other women before he died, but I knew about it. We had a deal‘ she admitted.

On condition that they don’t hide anything from each other, Coolio and Mimi obviously didn’t set any limits: “There is nothing this man has done that he has hidden from me. We talked about absolutely everything. I knew everything about his life. We had no secrets from each other.“This way of living their relationship enabled them to register their couple for the long term. However, the young woman does not indicate whether she also saw other men by her side. One thing is certain: the couple was on the same wavelength.”

Finally, on the verge of saying “yes,” Coolio and Mimi backed down: “We went to the court, filled out all the forms and paperwork and made an appointment. Then we decided we wouldn’t do it. It was just a piece of paper that didn’t change how we felt about each other.” However, this did not prevent Mimi from taking the name of the one she had never married – a nice proof of her love.

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