Denim, the new it-piece of the season: which piece to choose and how to wear it?

If you don’t have jeans in your closet, you don’t have a closet at all, the grandiose Carla Bruni seems to blow our minds on the cover of this issue. Jeans are the sesame of a wardrobe. Chic like a basic, comfortable like an old friend, the heart of our looks, it accompanies day and night with heels or sneakers. What’s new in 2022? We wear it as a total look. “Double denim”, say our Anglo-Saxon colleagues. A trend that revisits a grunge skirt here, a western-style shirt there, and a faded blue shopping bag there again. Or even a baggy one: on the runways, models wore all or almost all of these loose jeans with a navy blue pea coat, a camel maxi coat or a men’s tweed jacket. As if suggesting that it will be our fall’s garment totem with a strong Y2K connotation. On the street, the celebs we love to draw inspiration from have already got the ball rolling and are showing us the way. It’s up to us now!

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We dare to wear shorts

The premise is to treat this piece with great carelessness. By letting it flow freely from a tweed jacket, to the elongated legs of rain boots, for example. Too young? Add opaque tights for a more realistic version.

We energize the silhouette with a baggy

What could be cooler than these half-funny, half-comfortable pants to add some crazy style to our outfits? We like to freshen up a suit jacket and choker necklace, or reinvigorate an all-too-conventional sweater. And you can try it with a bustier top and heels: fashion is not afraid of mixing.

©Hedi Slimane / Courtesy of Celine

We play with accessories

Worn out yesterday, stars today! Denim accessories are coming back and will stay in 2022. Boots, pumps, clutches to slip under your arm: these accessories for our looks bring a trendy and unusual touch, which should, however, be used sparingly.

Loewe Klp F22 086


We love the denim shirt

The denim shirt fights back. phew! We can only welcome this update. This year she’s rocking more formal pieces. Ultimate under a pant suit with tennis stripes. Definitely with a big chocolate coat, boots and faded jeans.

We try the maxi skirt

They said she was dead in favor of the miniskirt. Mistake! Draped in denim, the XXL skirt goes as far as playing the centerpiece of our wardrobe. We like it grunge siren style at Acne Studios or more severe with a white shirt and Dior-style trench coat. Feminine!

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