Five years after the self-determination referendum, the independence movement in Catalonia is fragmenting

” For a ! For a ! », ” From from ! “ Although she spent more than three years in prison “Revolt”Because of her involvement in the attempted secession of Catalonia in October 2017, the separatists greeted the former speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, with insults as she entered the stage installed under the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona. ​​Saturday 1ah October. “Traidora! “, ” Traitor! » The screams continue as she takes the floor to commemorate the five years of referendum deemed illegal by Madrid, in which almost two million Catalans defied the ban on voting and Spanish police sent a ballot for Catalonia’s independence in put the ballot boxes.

“1ah October [2017], We defeated the state [espagnol]we have performed the most important act of civil disobedience since the Civil War and the most important act of sovereignty in the last three hundred years.”, amid growing boos, launches this 67-year-old former teacher, activist of the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), who was released from prison in 2021 thanks to a Spanish government pardon for socialist Pedro Sanchez. The whistling eventually covers his voice completely, forcing him to give in prematurely.

In pictures and videos (2017): Independence referendum in Catalonia: Yes wins in a climate of violence

“La Forcadell allows herself to teach when she has given in to government blackmail. She surrendered to justice in exchange for a brief stint in prison. She didn’t understand what a revolution is. We had to go all the way, even if it meant using the Corsican method: bombs and bullets. Politicians are all traitors who think only of their wages.”free in the disappointed crowd Salvador, 39, with a cap on his head, in a mixture of Catalan and English – anything but Castilian. “Okay, but we all chickened out and went home without saying anything, me first.”intervened another protester, Josep, 70 years old.

Less, more radical

Despite dozens of buses from across Catalonia, just over 10,000 people gathered in the Arc de Triomphe square on Sunday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the 2017 consultation. The Catalan separatists demonstrating today are the most radical. Or most confident. “According to our last poll in November, only 8% of Catalans still believe that the independence process will really lead to independence, highlighted Gabriel Colomé, Professor of Political Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). These are the ones who boo the politicians: the most frustrated and tense. »

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