Following Cyril Hanouna’s insults to MP Louis Boyard on C8, Arcom is escalating the case to an independent reporter

A week after MP Louis Boyard (LFI) suffered a barrage of insults from Cyril Hanouna on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” (“TPMP”) on C8 on November 10, the Director General of Audiovisual and Digital Communications Regulatory Authority (Arcom, former Superior Audiovisual Council, CSA), Guillaume Blanchot “Occupy the Independent Reporter, Member of the State Council”announced Arcom on Thursday, November 17th.

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By mentioning the name of Vincent Bolloré, Vivendi’s first shareholder, owner of the Canal+ group to which C8 belongs, Louis Boyard had drawn the host producer’s ire. Vincent Bollore “is not my boss, he’s a friend for twenty years”reasoned Cyril Hanouna in the November 14 issue.

In a press release, the agency states that Mr. Blanchot “has indeed taken into account that this file referred to facts likely to justify the initiation of sanctions proceedings, taking into account the formal decisions already issued in the past in relation to C8”. The last formal communication from C8 (for secret advertising) is dated February.

“Our Mission to Defend Freedom of Speech”

The decisions of the Autorité follow a step-by-step process: A reminder is preceded by a court order, which can lead to the opening of sanctions proceedings. If this is the opinion of the independent rapporteur appointed by the Vice-President of the Council of State – in this case Bertrand Dacosta – a contradictory investigation is carried out, at the end of which he assesses the relevance of imposing a sanction, as well as its nature. If Arcom is informed, Arcom is free to comply or apply another sanction. This process could therefore come to an end in a few weeks.

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In addition, Arcom could make another decision regarding “TPMP” in the next few hours. The agency has pledged to give priority to reviewing a sequence broadcast on October 18. That day, when Cyril Hanouna returned to the murder of young Lola, he made himself the advocate of speedy justice. “For me, the trial must be immediate, he said in particular. Within hours and done. It’s straight eternity, there’s not even a discussion. »

Should there be a sanction, it will depend on the seriousness of the breaches of its obligations identified by the broadcaster.

Arcom rarely responds to reports so quickly after receiving them. The Autorité believes it must resist media and political pressures and rid itself of emotional responses in order to focus on legal issues. “Our main task is to defend freedom of expression in this country,” has the habit of recalling the President of Arcom, Roch-Olivier Maistre, who refers to compliance with the 1986 Freedom of Communications Act.

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