Foot OL – OL: Peter Bosz fired from Aulas on Friday evening? – Olympique Lyonnais

Fourth in a row in Ligue 1 at OL, Peter Bosz is in great danger after the defeat at Lens on Sunday evening (0-1).

Lorient, Monaco, Paris, Lens, where will Olympique Lyonnais’ terrible streak end, having been beaten four times in a row in Ligue 1 since the start of the season? If he wants to keep his job, Peter Bosz has every interest in breaking this infernal spiral at the Toulouse reception at the Groupama on Friday night. And with good reason, the Dutch coach is already in danger, but he would then put himself in a completely impossible situation if he were to set back against the Violets. According to information from L’Equipe, a setback against the TFC would almost automatically mean the end of the Peter Bosz era on the Rhône. “No crisis meeting has been called, but an analysis will be carried out after the Toulouse reception on Friday. Aulas knows his coach’s defense will be stretched to the limit if he fails. writes the national daily newspaper in its columns and halfway confirms that Peter Bosz’s future will be very jeopardized if OL don’t win against Toulouse in three days.

Bosz in great danger in case of defeat by TFC

At L’Equipe, Jean-Michel Aulas tried again to defend Peter Bosz. “You don’t have to throw everything away. We are very disappointed to be here with this fourth loss in a row. But I’m not here to make the revolution. I’m not a billionaire to fire a man who won the Champions League (Thomas Tuchel) like Chelsea did. First of all, I argue in the interest of the association. I understand people wondering because in absolute terms a coach who has a good squad and lost four in a row is his responsibility. But it’s totally shared with that of the players and that of the President. said Jean-Michel Aulas, who nonetheless knows that a defeat by Toulouse would put his coach in an untenable position, both towards the fans and towards his dressing room. It remains to be seen whether the ex-Ajax Amsterdam and Borussia Dortmund coach will find the resources to revive a completely amorphous side against Lens two days ago, with zero shots on goal and no response to dominance, without sharing blood and gold.

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