Foot PSG – Cristiano Ronaldo’s confession, Messi’s PSG makes him dream!

Cristiano Ronaldo has caught fire again with the last part of his interview with Piers Morgan. He shows his admiration for Lionel Messi and refuses to rule out the possibility of one day playing with his Argentinian rivals at PSG.

Every day has its share of revelations in the Cristiano Ronaldo file. In his lengthy interview with Piers Morgan, the Portuguese tackled all issues head-on. The last part aired this Thursday night and inevitably made a lot of noise as CR7 spoke about his future, his retirement, his rivalry with Lionel Messi and even PSG. Regarding the rest of his career, especially internationally, Cristiano Ronaldo could only promise one thing: that if he won the World Cup, he would end his career with Portugal. It’s understandable to hit hard harder than a world title.

But for that he will have to face up to the greatest players in the world and in particular a Lionel Messi to whom he wanted to say the best. While his rivalry was sometimes inglorious at first, especially when the two players were battling it out for the Ballon d’Or and every vote could count, time did its work. Since then, the two men with such different profiles have come to appreciate each other and the Manchester United player can only compliment the seven-time Ballon d’Or. “ It’s like he’s a teammate. I have a lot of respect for him just by the way he talks about me every time. He’s a good guy who will do anything for football. he is magic As a person we’ve been on stage for 16 years and my relationship with him is great. He is unbelievable”recognized Cristiano Ronaldo, for whom respect is total and above all mutual.

Never say never for Cristiano Ronaldo

To the point of actually being a teammate for years to come? To wrap up his interview, CR7 was teased by Piers Morgan in an exchange that is likely to generate plenty of conversation for months to come. The Sun reporter asked him the following question: A scenario: Mbappé goes to Real. And you, at PSG with Messi”. To which the Manchester United forward replied: Any player would love to play with Messi. So you can never say never. Who knows ? “. A great way not to close the door and reignite rumors of a possible 21st Century Dream Team at Paris SG should Kylian Mbappé ever join Real Madrid in the coming months.

For the moment it actually remains a possible scenario, but Cristiano Ronaldo knows that his name still makes people dream even if he is no longer the supreme guarantee of winning the Champions League as it was a few years ago. In any case, he attracts a lot of people and in this interview, the Portuguese wanted to make it clear that the rumors last summer that clubs weren’t interested in his arrival were completely false. Apart from an offer from a Saudi Arabian club, which he was able to confirm, the Red Devils number 7 claims to have held talks with several top division clubs without naming their names. But there’s no doubt that absolutely nothing will stop Cristiano Ronaldo from finding a new base this winter or next summer.

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