Foot PSG – Neymar is pissed, he shakes PSG

Neymar is finally back at his best at PSG. This season, the Brazilian has been irresistible and continues to rack up goals and assists. But to reach that level, Neymar has had to drool and is urging his teammates to fight for the European title.

There were rumors of the Brazilian’s departure this summer. Purchased in the summer of 2017 for 222 million euros, Neymar was probably on the capital club’s transfer list. No result found. Despite this, the 30-year-old is still with PSG today and wants to prove that he is indeed the one carrying the QSI project. With 11 goals and 9 assists in 13 games this season, Neymar is the second most effective player in the five major leagues behind Erling Haaland with Manchester City. This renewed form is explained by hard work to return to the highest level during the preseason. Because contrary to what one might think, Neymar works hard and likes to suffer to get results. That’s what he said while discussing the Champions League in an interview for PSG’s website.

Neymar likes to suffer to win

“The Champions League is a very difficult competition. We know that there are great players and great teams and that there are times in games when you have to suffer. So to win, a team has to be able to suffer, learn to suffer, suffer in order not to concede a goal, not to give the opponent space. But I think it’s normal to suffer during a game, in such a high-level competition. So it’s good that it’s happening now because that’s how we prepare for the final stages.” explained the ex-Barcelona player ​​who therefore likes to make an effort to improve and win titles. Parisian fans seem to be hoping that Neymar will give his all to finally offer Paris the C1.

In any case, the move is clearly visible this season, with a penchant for defensive retreat surprising enormously. That was the case again in Lisbon with certain moves and it also shows that the Brazilian is no longer the somewhat selfish player who only plays when he has the ball at his feet. “ On and off the pitch, I’m someone who will do anything to help my teammates win. I’m very competitive. Today I feel like a more complete player as I can defend, attack or score goals and assists whatever you want. I think I’m much more complete today than I was before “Explained a Neymar who, paradoxically, has never been so effective since he works more for the collective and dribbles much less. A great lesson in behavior change and development for a player who has disappeared from the Ballon d’Or race in recent seasons.

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