From December 15, a bonus for repairing electrical and electronic equipment will be introduced

Coffee maker, drill, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, drone… All these electrical and electronic devices will soon be able to benefit from a discount from December 15th. The goal ? Extend the life of these devices to maintain purchasing power and limit waste. This innovation had been mentioned in the anti-waste law promulgated in 2020, but its introduction “Has been postponed several times” (see Le Figaro). At the moment 31 devices will be affected, but Guillaume Duparay, the development director of Ecosystem (company in charge of managing this repair bonus), announces it “The list gets longer every year”. “The ‘repair premiums’ range from €10 for, say, a toaster to €45 for a desktop or laptop computer and remain fixed, regardless of the type of repair.”, says Ecosystem on its website. Be careful though, knowing that this only applies to devices that are no longer under warranty.

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How do I benefit from the repair bonus for electrical and electronic equipment?

No criteria are necessary for this special repair discount. Everyone is eligible. However, consumers must contact a certified workshop. QualiRepair ». “This certification is validated by an independent certification body such as Bureau Veritas or SGS and depends on seven criteria, such as the professional’s expertise and consideration for waste management.”, adds Le Figaro. There are currently 500 certified repairers (independent, professional or artisan) but Guillaume Duparay announces that they are aiming for 1,500 certified repairers by early next year.

The principle is simple: you bring your device to a certified repairer and benefit from a discount on the repair price. ” The difference will be paid to the repair shop within fifteen days ‘ reveals Guillaume Duparay. Not only is this repair bonus a nice gesture in favor of the environment, but it also makes it possible to reduce waste and lower the spending of the French on electrical and electronic equipment at a time when inflation is having its strong impact on finances. ” From this year to 2027, the envelope envisaged for the repair bonus amounts to 410 million euros. There are now 10 million out-of-warranty repairs per year. The goal is to increase this bonus to 12 million by 2027, which is a 20% increase. ‘ Le Figaro finally adds.

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