Gotham Knights could be as successful as the Batman: Arkham series [Premières impressions]

A few weeks before the release of Gotham Knights, Weighs at startup was invited to the WB Games Montreal studios to test the new game and speak to the team responsible for this new adventure in Gotham.

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A superhero game is often a challenge for developers. With a base of loyal connoisseurs, these games are always scrutinized to spot the slightest flaw. However, WB Games Montreal is aware of this Game, if you will excuse my english. After designing Batman Arkham origins In 2013, the Montreal studio wasn’t afraid to take on a daunting challenge such as: Gotham Knights. If you’re still doubting the game, you’ll honestly be surprised at what awaits you!

Post Batman Gotham

Batman is dead and our four vigilantes find themselves without a mentor. The history of Gotham Knights takes us to a city where the hero who protected her no longer exists. As a result, Gotham is torn from all sides for its control: the police want to take back their rightful role, but also the criminal gangs want to usurp them.

And in the middle we find our four prodigies – Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood and Robin – grieving and with the heavy responsibility on their young shoulders to protect the city. “For us, it was the perfect recipe for a new Gotham experience,” said Patrick Redding, Creative Director at WB Games Montreal during my visit to the studios. “It emphasizes personal growth and new threats […] So it’s up to the player to complete the work himself.

Screenshot WB Games Montreal

Obviously it was necessary to make some changes to create a story that fits well interactively. Although the team has pledged to honor the work of courtyard of the owls (courtyard of the owls) by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, she needed to push the concept further than a simple adaptation. “Obviously it’s an adaptation in the sense that it’s different characters that are going to have different experiences, but we’ve stayed extremely true to that courtyard of the owls and the atmosphere of Gotham,” explains Ann Lemay, Narrative Director at Gotham Knights, in an interview. “We really want the fans of the courtyard of the owls Recognize this concept in the game. […] There will also be nice surprises throughout the story,” she adds with a smile.

Chaos signed Harley Quinn

During my probationary period, I immersed myself in the Harley Quinn storyline. With the Joker gone, Batman has asked Harley for help creating criminal profiles as she is a psychiatrist and an expert in the field. It’s not long since Bruce Wayne’s death, and the town’s criminals don’t know that Batman is gone. However, it seems that a rumor has reached Harley’s ears, and of course it’s causing our four heroes to panic.

Screenshot WB Games Montreal

As a result, the young criminal lets us see all the colors and makes us jump through all the hoops to get our hands on the mandate Bruce left her before his death.

Here we are in front of a new Harley. She is gone Dude a famous villain; it is therefore obvious that she wants to prove herself. “It was very important to us not to repeat a Harley story that was already done,” says Ann. So they took full advantage of that hunger to be the main attraction and it doesn’t do things by halves. For this part of the story, chaos is king and it was the perfect setting to see the heroes in action.

Screenshot WB Games Montreal

Dynamic battles

Brawls are obviously a central part of the game. Despite a solid story and stunning graphics, the game won’t survive if a character’s control has rotted away. WB Games Montreal is therefore committed to providing players with a fun, smooth, and varied experience, regardless of their preferred fighting style.

It’s interesting how each character offers something that appeals to everyone, no matter what style they prefer. It was important to the development team that the personality of the heroes should be reflected in their fighting style.

Screenshot WB Games Montreal

In addition, if after several missions a player decides to change character, then taming his operation will not be difficult. “There is no punishment [en changeant]as they all ascend at the same time. […] It allows people to choose a character at the beginning and play with it throughout, but also to go back to basics and change! It gives the player a lot of freedom to play the way they want,” explains Game Director Geoff Ellenor in an interview.

As everyone masters a different form of combat, the experience becomes dynamic and varied, which is the strength of Gotham Knights.

The Merry Cooperative

Gotham Knights is primarily a single player game, but also offers the possibility of online co-op play. As part of the test, WB Games Montreal paired me with a member of the development team to test a co-op mission.

I wasn’t able to test the co-op mode in town, but I tested it in a dungeon and it works like a charm. The fights are like choreography: everyone does their own thing, we meet in the middle to create a duo finale and voila!

I like to choose the raw and dark path from the piles of enemies that appear in front of me. Even though my teammate and I had several criminals behind us, the fights remained very fluid and I didn’t notice any slowdown.

Screenshot WB Games Montreal

With the pandemic of recent years, many players have returned to co-op gaming and are craving for more. That could make Gotham Knights successful. As much as you can enjoy the game alone, you can call a friend and fight crime together.

A game to watch?

Gotham Knights is a game that could appeal to a wide range of players. WB Games Montreal promises an original story with authentic characters that experience real emotions. Despite being heroes, it was important for the team to show the human vulnerability behind the mask. So a dark story awaits us on several levels, in which we risk getting lost for hours, alone or with a friend.

Gotham Knights has the potential to be as successful as the series Batman: Arkham and could attract a new breed of gamer with its touching story and dynamic gameplay playing style.

We’ll see when it releases on October 21, 2022 on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Gotham Knights trailer


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