Hans Niemann continues to deny the allegations

Instagram screenshot Hans Niemann According to online chess platform Chess.com, Hans Niemann continues to deny allegations of cheating, despite new revelations over a hundred counts of proven cheating by the American player.

Instagram screenshot Hans Niemann

According to the Chess.com platform, Hans Niemann continues to reject allegations of fraud by the US player, despite new revelations over a hundred proven cases of fraud.

SPORT – The young American at the center of the scandal is not moving. to have accused “Probably cheated more than 100 times” Chess player Hans Niemann said he wasn’t going “Don’t retreat […] no matter what pressure I’m under”, following the scandal of Norwegian champion Magnus Carlsen.

“All in all, we determined that Hans (Niemann) probably cheated in more than 100 online chess games, including several cash prize events.”wrote the main online chess platform Chess.com online in this 20-page report (plus 50 other attachments) published on Tuesday evening.

Asked at a press conference after winning the United States Chess Championship this Wednesday, October 5, Hans Niemann said he had just won the game “speaks for itself and showed the chess player what I am”.

“It also showed that I will not back down and that I will play my best chess here no matter how much pressure I have.”he added in response to the various allegations of cheating against him.

As a reminder, the chess world is currently living at the rhythm of an unbelievable cheating affair since an already memorable meeting on September 5th was denied. At the Sinquefield Cup in the USA, Hans Niemann then beat world champion Magnus Carlsen. The latter had then made the decision to withdraw from the tournament, accusing the young American of cheating for 19 years after realizing it was him ” Part “his ” Behavior “ and be “Explanations” was “strange”.

His results are statistically exceptional.”

These allegations by the five-time world champion have caused a scandal in the chess world, where suspicions of cheating are becoming more common as technology advances. “There have been times, particularly with the advent of online chess tournaments, that players – myself included – have had doubts about certain competitors.”confirmed the French champion Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in an interview with Ouest-France, concerned about the threat of certain “Completely undetectable electronic devices”.

Chess.com banned Niemann on September 5, shortly after the initial allegations, but the platform has resisted any pressure from Magnus Carlsen, from whom it is buying Play Magnus.

It should be the famous platform “extremely confident” in its means of detecting cheating, for which, in addition to an analysis of moves played by automated tools, it reveals the use of grandmasters – the highest rank of chess players.

The platform’s suspicions go beyond the scope of the Internet: it also devotes part of the report to the 19-year-old American’s spectacular development on the chessboard. “While we have no doubt that Hans is a talented player, we think his results are statistically exceptional.”with the fastest progression between the high level and the very high level of chess, with great graphic enhancement confirms the report/ratio.

His progress is the most spectacular among the young talents of the moment such as the French Alireza Firouzja, also author of a breakthrough at the highest level, until reaching 2nd world ranking in 2021. “our statistical investigation revealed nothing special about the parts or the history” in the games in front of a chessboard by Hans Niemann, recognizes the platform. At this hour the mystery remains.

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