“Having that ability to play under pressure” – Canal Supporters PSG 24-7

After winning their first two games in the group stage of the Champions League, thePSG will want to continue their momentum against Benfica tomorrow night, who also won both games. On the eve of this meeting Christophe Galtier introduced himself at a press conference. Selected excerpts.

Surprised by Benfica?

It’s a side unbeaten since the start of the season. It’s very interesting to watch them play, very organized, with quality. It has an important collective strength. I’m not surprised she’s at this level. Today Benfica can claim to be a favorite of this group.


Marco has 90 minutes in his legs. He played a lot, even if he often left during the game when the score came up. He has no physical problems.. He didn’t play this weekend because he was suspended.

the game of tomorrow

What we have to do to perform well and beat Benfica is have the ability to play under pressure. This team will come and get us, it’s the DNA of the club and its manager. It puts tremendous pressure on the first few raises. We have to be much more effective offensively. They are the media announcing that this is a first big test! […] I have players who have experience with these types of posters and experiences. I think we have the qualities to play well. »

Public pressure in Portugal

There will be an extraordinary atmosphere. This stadium is growing a lot, but I have players who have a lot of experience, a lot of experience in that regard. Will we be able to play under public pressure and play well? Will we make it? I think we have the qualities. They can also be very dangerous.

The Portuguese touch at PSG

I’ve been working with a lot of Portuguese people for a few seasons. I discovered the methodology, the Portuguese way of doing things, when I arrived in Lille, with Luis Campos and the staff, but also with the players who came from Portugal. Daily it’s a lot of noise! They are very lovely guys who talk and love to talk! But they are great professionals. Portugal produces players of an incredible level. They are very professional and very respectful guys.. »


Pistons are very important in our system. In fact, the game often leans towards Nuno Mendes, but we’re working on playing with Hakimi. Are you trying to return to two attackers with a supporting player? It depends on how the opponent plays. ”

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