Hell begins two months after they met

This Sunday morning, July 24, 2022, during a discussion, she throws him a simple term: “breakup.” And he sees red. Throws and smashes the phone on the floor, knocking over the ironing board with a kick and knocking his partner over, hitting her head on the tiles before he begins to strangle her. “It was the first time that he was violent towards me,” assured the victim, mother of three, before the Belfort court this Tuesday afternoon. “I haven’t been feeling well at all since then. I no longer dare to leave my house. I’ve lost my appetite, I have nightmares of him strangling me. Yes, I am very afraid of him.”

death threats

It should be noted that in addition to these events, this native of the North, who has lived in Belfort for the past eight years, has also been tried for messy death threats (“If it’s not me, it’s someone else who will give you a bullet in the head”), various damages (windows and computer broken, gifts for the children stolen, clothes burned after a cigarette was thrown in), but also 180 emails and 50 text messages, sometimes tearful, often threatening, sent in between 22 .and 25 Aug.

“I didn’t mean to kill her”

Terrifying end to a relationship of just over two months after meeting on a specialized website. The defendant, who was like an “i” during the hearing and has previously served eight months in prison on similar charges, admitted the facts Tuesday under fire from questions from President Camille Zimmer-Goguillot. He spoke of “jealousy”, “lying because she spoke to other men”, then assured that he had “strangled her, yes, but I didn’t want to kill her, that’s for sure”.

“He can’t stand it when a woman disobeys him”

“Beatings can kill, you know that,” thundered the prosecutor’s office. “This is the case for women in France once every three days. There, however, after only two months, you raise your hand to your companion! What I see in the psychiatric report is a man who cannot bear when a woman disobeys him and is dangerous to society.”

Beyond requirements

Despite attempts by the defendant’s attorney, Ms.e Legrand, the court will go well beyond the 12-month requirements, four of which are suspended. The accused was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment, 16 of which was suspended (the fixed eight months at home under electronic surveillance), a ban on contact with the victim and his children, and a fine of €1,500 to be paid to the victim for the damage suffered.

If you have been a victim of violence, contact 3919 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day).

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