House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 7: Recap of the Happy Funeral

After the long ellipse of episode 6 of house of the dragon, alliances, rivalries and political shenanigans continue to accelerate in episode 7 of the series. WARNING: SPOILERS!

Somewhere between ambition and obsession

Four weddings and one death

Like an unchanging cycle, episode 6 ofhouse of the dragon began with the birth of Rhaenyra and ended with the death of Leana Targaryen, who, unable to control her life, escaped the slaughter her husband, Prince Daemon, would no doubt condemn her to. And how Widowhood is generally synonymous with remarriage in the universe of game of Thronesand that remarriage itself is the harbinger of a new era and political dominance, this seventh episode promised to be pivotal in the sequence of events that is known to lead the Targaryens to their downfall.

House of the Dragon: Photo, Paddy Considine, Olivia CookeThree families should be one

But more than facilitating the expected union in good and proper form between the king’s younger brother and the heir to the throne, Leana’s funeral was also, and above all, an opportunity to gather the Targaryens, the Hightower, and the Velaryons in the same place. to the Shake the cage after years of dormant rivalries.

Consequently, this new episode allows the cards to be rebalanced again (previously unfavorable to Rhaenyra), forging new alliances and rebalancing powers to better prepare the battlefield. Most of the action takes place at night, with the promise of a political and narrative renewal for dawn (with lighting and calibration as dangerous as in the sequel The long night also directed by Miguel Sapochnik, but let’s move on).

House of the Dragon: PicturesAn alliance of fire and blood


Inevitably, the question of the lineage of the sons of Rhaenyra arises again, although this time the rumors (representing treason) are in favor of Rhaenyra, who chooses to confront them and oblige her father, the King Viserys, to enter a public are in his favor. A skillful maneuver reveals the Queen’s anger and further subjects her to the apparent manipulations of Lord Larys who guards his reputation as much as he threatens it.

But the disputes, like the name or the blood, have been passed down and now divide the children and grandchildren of the king, whose messy family tree will be involved in one way or another in the disappearance of the house. So if Aegon doesn’t yet seem to appreciate his role and is content to enjoy his privileges in the manner of Joffrey Baratheon, his little brother Aemond took over from his motherwho unofficially declared war on the descendants of Velaryon and Rhaenyra, having usurped in the manner of Aegon the Conqueror and each new dynasty what was not rightfully his.

House of the Dragon: PicturesAn unexpected rise

Since the Targaryens owe their power and strength to dragons, you see the oldest and largest of the species falling into the hands of the Hightower gives them an added advantage while the queen’s (literal) bloodshed was eventually to turn against her.

What can only have been a depraved brats feud (like the clash between the Stark kids and the Lannister kids at the beginning of game of Thrones) is, on the contrary, the confirmation of an impending fall. It is therefore certain that this first season of exposure will continue its ellipses until the majority of children play their full part in the future war that they will lose.

House of the Dragon: Photo, Emma D'ArcyThe Weight of Inheritance and the Danger of Internal War


One of the many pitfalls of forking from game of Thrones was the comparison game between this or that character, which the audience naturally strives for Find an equivalent on the parent series page. So while Lord Larys is, for now, a lackluster copy of Lord Baelish (although his name is more reminiscent of Varys), Alicent has managed not to fall into a characterization that would have locked her in the role of the new Cercei.

Though she is also portrayed as a mother wolf eager to place her son on the throne, her character is revealed to be less monolithic and more thoughtless, what little goodness she could still be accorded crumbled as soon as that was about to sit down the eye of a child who was to be his grandson by marriage.

House of the Dragon: PicturesTalion’s law

So writing the episode confronts the viewer with their own prejudices, especially towards Rhaenyra. If the latter doubts that Alicent can kill (or give the order) someone in cold blood, on the contrary, the public was more willing to believe that the heiress could use such methods. Although his affection for Leanor is genuine, the series managed to write the character in such a way that he can actually be considered capable of murdering her husband through political intrigue.

The editing of the episode doesn’t hide the orchestrated deception (Daemon kills someone beforehand to serve as a charred corpse), but the episode’s ending clearly sounds like a revelation, since the agreement between Laenor has nothing to do with it as far as the universe is concerned us used to it. Despite the conspiracy, Rhaenyra’s morality and compassion are therefore emphasized, while the series had so far spent six episodes presenting a character that lacked it.

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