How do you know if there’s fuel left in your area?

There is “no shortage,” says government spokesman Olivier Véran. The fact is, however, that many gas stations almost everywhere in France have their tanks dry. Diesel, SP95, SP98… More than one in ten petrol stations in France would be completely or partially deprived of fuel. Those of TotalEnergies are particularly affected. This is due to the success of the brand’s gas station rebate combined with a strike at refineries and tank farms.

A map of TotalEnergies gas stations that still have fuel

So that you don’t have to travel in vain, there is an interactive map of the TotalEnergies filling stations that are still filling up.

To use this tool, simply tick the fuel that interests us and check its availability in the area. Example: According to the map, no TotalEnergies SP95 station appeared to be offering in the Grenoble metropolitan area early Thursday morning. But it was the case a little further on the side of Charnècles, Villard-Bonnot or Vinay. On the other hand, it remained easier to find diesel with multiple offers in the agglomeration.

On the map, even without applying a filter, it is possible to click directly on the gas station that interests us to check the availability of the various fuels with a guide price that is regularly updated.

Applications to check inventory… and compare prices!

Other options if you want to avoid an unnecessary round trip through the local stations with your diesel vehicle: pull out your smartphone! Whether you are Android or iOS, applications check availability for you… and compare prices at the same time!

Among the most popular: Petrol/diesel now (Android/iOS), an application whose objective is to inform its users about the availability of fuel (thanks to reports from the community), but also to indicate prices to find the cheapest gas station.

Gasoline & Co (Android/iOS) is also one of the popular apps among users. It offers the same services as Essence/Gasoil Now via a geolocation system. Its strength: an active community.

It is also possible that, without knowing it, you already have an application installed that allows you to find out prices and availability at petrol stations. example with Waze (Android/iOS), an extremely popular driving assistant. Handy if you want to avoid multiplying the installations of applications on your smartphone.

Services that will most likely become popular and multiply with the reduction or the announced end of certain discounts at the pump.

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