How will we do our make-up in spring 2023? 12 trends discovered on the catwalks!

without being Mrs. Irma and whip out our magic bullet, we can tell you without a doubt that spring 2023 won’t be the happiest when it comes to makeup. If you like dramatic, very dark looks and your favorite TV heroine is Wednesday Adams, you will be in heaven. If you’re more of a candy pink and glitter galore team, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re going to have a hard time with what the makeup artists are planning. Disappointed? You can always play the opposite card with a bohemian, candy or kawaii look. In other words: the new definitions of the makeup rebellion. Who would have believed?

Spring 2023 makeup trends: black, more black

The makeup artists Fashion Week Have you lost all hope? Believe it, since this season an overwhelming majority of makeup has revolved around looking as dark as possible. Black lips, shadowy smokey lips, thick lines of ultra black liner or XXL fake lashes… In short, the atmosphere evolved in an atmosphere halfway between HellFest, another remake of Matrix, and emo teen looks screaming at Tokio Hotel ( Bill, we still love you).

In short, if you want to play the card of colors and wacky textures, this isn’t the case for next season. On the other hand !

Spring 2023 makeup trends: always nude

Can we still say that the Naked is a trend ? He’s in all the fashion shows, in all the seasons, and still proudly but tirelessly naked. To vary the joys this year, we’ve seen it in a “wet effect” finish with skin delicately moisturized, as if it meant next spring will be warm. Global warming obliges. Or perhaps a simple impression of “glass skin”, which is reinforced with the advent of Skincare versus makeup. See in it the meaning you want. Whatever it is, the skin shimmers in the shows and without a flaw. And in order to achieve this, he will inevitably invest in facial care. Because we clearly cannot count on correctors: the material effect on the skin is absolutely missing.

Spring 2023 makeup trends: a touch of red or nothing

Color only to play overtime on the faces of the spinning tops: the Red one. Don’t think that it’s limited to the lips of the models: it’s also found on the eyes with rich and intense looks that accentuate the look like never before. It’s bold but terribly stylish.

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