Ian Hamilton, Stone of Destiny thief and hero of Scottish nationalism, has died

On Christmas Eve 1950, Ian Hamilton steals the “Stone of Destiny” to bring back to Scotland. The 152-kilo block of sandstone was built into the coronation chair of English monarchs.

Lawyer Ian Hamilton, made a hero of Scottish nationalism after hedestiny stoneused for coronations in London for centuries, died Tuesday 4 October aged 97.

There “destiny stone“, Where “scone stonewas used for centuries to crown the kings of Scotland before King Edward I of England confiscated it in 1296 and returned it as spoils of war to Westminster Abbey in London, where it will remain for a long time.

Scottish burglary

This block of sandstone, weighing 152 kilos, is then placed in the “coronation chairon which British monarchs sit during their coronation. But on Christmas Eve 1950, Ian Hamilton took the lead of a small group of Scottish students and stole the Stone to bring back to Scotland, making him a hero of Scottish nationalism. “I am very saddened by the death of Ian Hamilton.Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon responded on Twitter. He was an exceptional lawyer and a legend of the independence movement.» «He will be remembered for his role in the quest for the Stone of Destiny and as an inspiration for the independence movement‘ underlined the Scottish Independence Party SNP.

After this “publicationof the stone it would eventually return to London and be used for the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. But in 1996, amid rising feelings of independence, it was finally returned to Scotland. It is now kept in Edinburgh Castle.

However, it is agreed that she will return to Westminster for the coronations and thus to return to the British capital for the coronation of Charles III, which is expected next year. The journey of Ian Hamilton and his friends had not been without incident. The rock had broken in two when they carried it to put it in their car. The small group also had to bypass the Scottish border checkpoints set up in London after the theft was discovered.

The four students, hailed as national heroes, will never be prosecuted. Your adventure will even be the subject of a movie. “The wonderful thing about Stein is that it goes beyond politicsShe had appreciated Ian Hamilton in 2008, who was writing a book about his epic. Whatever our political leanings, Scots know there is something that binds us together“.

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