Ikea: This 2-euro accessory should not be missing in winter 2022!

On sale at Ikea for only 2 euros, this new accessory will be your new ally for the winter! We will give you more details.

A small revolution for only 2 euros! This New accessories from Ikea will brighten up your winter days! MCE TV gives you more details.

An Ikea mousseur for 2 euros

Autumn has been here for a few days. And whoever says autumn says winter at the turn of the century. Low temperatures are not far away.

And we all know what that means! In winter we like to be warm at home. And since we can’t do not heat our interiors above 19°C, you will have to find Solutions to warm up this winter.

It’s good ! There are many little tricks for this. To warm up, for example, it is advisable to drink a good hot drink. And the, Ikea got it!

The Swedish brand just unveiled a little accessory that will change your life. So you can offer yourself frothy coffees in the morning. Nothing better to start the day off right!

This milk frother is available from Ikea for the low price of only two euros! Thanks to this new accessory you can Add a light froth to your favorite beverages.

Finally enjoy a good cappuccino, latte macchiato or hot chocolate like in a Starbucks! But even better since it is made by yourself. We love !

But then how can you use it to make your hot drinks a success? Well, there is nothing easier. Simply place the frother’s nozzle on the surface of the milk. And voila!

Perfect foam in seconds

The new accessory from Ikea therefore promises to make perfect foams for you hot drinks. In just 30 seconds you are therewith a nice cup of cappuccino like in a local café.

What you can also do to add more flavor is add vanilla sugar before making your mixture. Will be tested very soon!

But this Ikea brand frother has so much more to offer. Because it’s small and practical, you can use it to break eggs, for example.

Or to make whipped cream. And even for Mix any liquid from your recipes. We love !

“Add that extra something to your morning coffee with frothed milk. PRODUKT helps you froth milk like a pro. » promises the Ikea brand on its website.

In addition, you can easily find this product on the website or on the shelves of the nearest Ikea store. As for his interview, this little gadget not asking much from Ikea.

Just use a damp cloth to clean! And voila. You can store it in the drawer along with the other kitchen utensils. Instead of this practical and not bulky!

Note that you must use this product from Ikea you need two AA batteries. It must be remembered to buy them separately from the milk frother. It’s your turn !

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