Iliad (Free) announces a new plan to reduce its energy consumption, including for its subscribers

Iliad (Free) announces a new plan to reduce its energy consumption, including for its subscribers

While the news carries the risk of an energy shortage this winter, Iliad announces new measures to reduce its consumption and that of its subscribers.

The Iliad Group had already committed to contributing to climate neutrality by 2035. Now she goes even further and announces in a press release that she is implementing new measures.

Further improve the energy efficiency of its networks

Since they account for the majority of their total electricity consumption, the Iliad group states that this is the case “makes every effort to optimize the consumption of its networks. In the mobile sector, the group decided today to go even further with the night-time switching off of certain frequency bands by expanding the current system to frequencies of 2100 MHz in 4G, 2100 in 3G and 3.5 GHz in 5G. When traffic requires it, cells that have been switched off automatically switch back on. This effort results in a more than 10% reduction in the site’s power consumption during off-cell time without impacting utilization and quality of service.”

For fixed networks, for Xavier Niel’s Group, the migration from copper to fiber is essential, a fiber optic line that consumes four times less than the copper network. For this reason, iliad maintains its active policy of deploying and migrating its subscribers to the fiber network, which allows it to work in parallel on a strong optimization of its equipment in the copper network. If the shutdown and miniaturization of DSLAMs implemented by the group already allows for effective energy savings, iliad calls for an acceleration of the plan to accelerate copper in France on all fiber-eligible lines of the four operators, as this is the only real measure that can be taken to will result in significant energy savings at sector level.

Finally, the group commits to extinguishing up to 7.05 MW of the instantaneous consumption of its data centers this winter in the event of energy outages across the country, for periods of 1 to 24 consecutive hours each time it is necessary to balance the French electricity grid.

Optimize energy consumption in relation to all buildings/offices and shops

With almost 10,000 employees in France, making it the second largest employer in the sector, and more than 180 stores across the country, the group announces that it has now committed itself to a series of measures to optimize consumption in all its offices and retail space. A temperature reduction of two degrees and measures to optimize lighting and computer equipment were implemented. The group is also working to significantly reduce the time it takes for outdoor lighting, advertising screens and store displays to turn on, to limit off-hours switching on.

Raising awareness of employees and Freebox subscribers with tools available to subscribers to reduce their energy consumption

The group will also support its employees and subscribers to reduce their energy consumption by promoting simple eco-gestures and offering tools for action. From October, the Group will offer its employees training courses on climate issues and sobriety. For its subscribers, the group facilitates access to energy saving tools, in particular scheduling the shutdown of the WI-FI through the Freebox Connect application and highlighting an energy saving menu on some Freeboxes.

Univers Freebox also invites you to discover the information and advice provided by Free in videos so that each subscriber knows and controls their energy consumption:

Membership in the EcoWatt charter

At the same time, the iliad group is committed to the EcoWatt charter, which is supported by RTE and ADEME. This citizens’ initiative enables the French, companies and municipalities to use energy responsibly and thus contributes to a good power supply for everyone. The group is therefore committed to raising awareness of the EcoWatt warning system among its employees and subscribers and implementing additional measures to reduce their consumption during peak energy consumption this winter.

This article is from the Univers FreeBox website

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