In Berlin, Eric Dupond-Moretti castigates those who “make their honey” with the reintroduction of the death penalty.

Eric Dupond-Moretti is convinced of this: The fight against the death penalty is still relevant. At any rate, this is the message conveyed by the French Minister of Justice on Tuesday 15 November during the 8the World Congress against the Death Penalty, organized in Berlin by the NGO Together Against the Death Penalty. Like Christiane Taubira, his predecessor between 2012 and 2016, the keeper of the seal was invited to speak at this international meeting “Abolitionists”. A fight close to his heart, according to his entourage.

“It is with honor, pride and emotion that I find you hereSo he started in the Pierre Boulez Hall, which was packed for the occasion. France abolished the death penalty in 1981 and since then has never stopped affirming that justice cannot be expressed through the death penalty. » And to add: “It is an essential civilizational decision. This struggle for humanity that is riddled with pitfalls. Peace, democracy, the rule of law are constant struggles. The same applies to the death penalty. »

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During his speech, Mr. Dupond-Moretti shared the stage with his counterparts from Liberia, Zambia and Sierra Leone. These three African countries have officially declared their renunciation of the death penalty with Chile. “It’s a Day to Celebrate, History”She welcomed the former criminal defense attorney who, like Emmanuel Macron in 2021, is fighting for the cause “general abolition”.

“It takes courage”

Mr. Dupond Moretti also insisted “one of the pitfalls of this struggle: public opinion; it takes courage to move towards abolition”. It is true that a large proportion of the French want the death penalty to be reinstated. In the French Fractures survey – conducted by Ipsos-Sopra Steria for The world, the Jean Jaurès Foundation and the Cevipof (Sciences Po) before a panel of 12,000 people and published in September 2022 – 48% of respondents support the death penalty. A result that has fluctuated over the past ten years, but always remains within a range of between 45% and 55% of those surveyed.

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Eric Dupond-Moretti spoke about the repression in Iran “where in a few hours, without a lawyer, justice is done and where the maximum penalty is imposed”. He slides, the air of nothingness: “That must remind you of something…” The reference to C8 presenter Cyril Hanouna is barely veiled. The latter had called for speedy justice for the main suspect after Lola’s murder. “If we have all the evidence, it’s direct life”, he explained on October 18 during his broadcast. Comments deemed by the Minister to be within the scope of “The Denial of the Rule of Law”.

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